CH. 4

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I sleep off and on through the rest of the flight and I'm grateful when we finally land, stretching out my muscles in the arrivals terminal as I wait for Namjoon to instruct us. Excitement courses through me at the thought of seeing my brother soon.

"Jimin should be waiting for us," Tae chirps.

"Who's Jimin?"

It's Namjoon who answers me. "Another Lily agent who knows the truth. There are others with Jin at the safe house. We've been contacting them for several weeks to arrange a meeting."

I raise my eyebrows. "Oh? I hadn't realized there were so many who knew about this."

"There aren't really. Seven of us total. You make eight. We've all worked together on various assignments. They were the only people Jin and I trusted to tell." Namjoon pauses.

Tae picks up where he left off. "And they've all lost someone they love to Lily."

I nod my head. Suddenly I'm eager to meet these others who've had their lives destroyed by Lily. We're going to make Lily pay. The thought pops into my head of its own volition. I've never been a vengeful or violent person. I'm a mental health therapist, for one, so it's not really in my blood. But this thought brings me comfort. I want to see those who took Jin and I's parents torn down.

Namjoon begins moving towards the exit, beckoning us to follow. Once outside, we're greeted by a clear sky. Namjoon leads us to a nondescript black car. The driver is leaning against the hood. My breath exhales slowly. Wow, I think, I guess everyone Namjoon knows is beautiful.

Namjoon and Tae embrace the man in a hug upon meeting. Turning to me, the man says, "And you must be Orchid." He smiles and there's kindness in his eyes.

"How do you know my name?"

"Jin told us you were coming. Plus I'd hardly expect Namjoon to leave without you. I'm Jimin, by the way." He offers me his hand.

I shake it politely, distracted by his words. "It's nice to meet you Jimin. I'm sorry about everything."

"Life is often painful and unfair. I look forward to teaching that to Lily." His words are hard, but everything else about him is delicate. A shiver runs down my spine at the dissonance.

We drive to the safe house in silence. Each lost in our own world. After what feels like an eternity, we pull up in front of a small gray house. "Wait here," Namjoon says looking at me. I give him a puzzled look. "We're going to make sure it's safe," he elaborates.

Tae stays with me while Jimin and Namjoon walk up the steps to the house. Peering out my window, I see the front door open and I can just make out a dark haired man. My heart leaps. Jin! Turning back to us, Namjoon motions for us to come inside, but I'm already unbuckling my seatbelt and yanking the car door open. I rush up the stairs and fling myself into Jin's arms. He exhales sharply on impact, but hugs me warmly. "Ori, I'm so thankful you're safe."

Pulling back to look at him, I realize there are tears streaming down my face. "Back at you, big bro."

Jin smiles. "Let's get inside. We can introduce you to the others and get you something to eat."

Something to eat turns out to be delicious egg salad sandwiches prepared by a Lily agent named Yoongi. He's quiet, more reserved than some of the others, but damn is he a fine cook. I'm also introduced to Jungkook and Hoseok. Everyone seems pleased to meet me, rattling off questions for me.

"How are you handling learning all of this?" Hoseok asks me. He has a really reassuring presence.

"Honestly, I'm calmer than I would've thought. I mean it's hard finding out that your brother and his best friend have been living a double life...but it means something to know why my parents really died."

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