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~(Y/n)'s pov~

The bell to leave echoed through the school. Everyone seemed happy to finally go home. Except for (Y/n). Considering his home is in another dimension, it's not like he had anywhere to go. Maybe I have money in my bag? Hopefully enough to get a room in a hotel or something. He grabbed his bag and made his way to the restroom.

In the bag, was his sketch book, a hoodie, his phone and charger, and some random pens. (Y/n) sighed, frustration very obvious on his face. This is getting me no where! What should I-- His thoughts were interrupted by something catching his eye. (Y/n) reached into the bag to grab whatever it was. He gasped. My wallet! 

I can go to an ATM and get it switched for the correct currency! (Y/n) opened the wallet and pulled out the money inside. "$12...." He growled in frustration. the (h/c) ((hair color)) boy jammed the wallet along with it's contents back into the bag. He slumped down to the floor, head hanging low.

"What am I going to do?" (Y/n) asked no one in particular. Then he realized something. My phone. It was in the bag! He pulled it out of the bag and turned it on. The first thing (Y/n) did was go to the contacts. I could talk to my friends! My family! I could tell them I'm okay! A feeling of hope bubbled up. Maybe things won't be as bad as I thought. Maybe someone could even try to find a way to get me back home! The contacts loaded but nothing was there. He reloaded it multiple times but there were no contacts. 

The hopeful feeling left as quickly as it came. (Y/n) sighed, looking up at the ceiling. I wonder if anyone is looking for me back home. Do they even realize I'm gone? How much time has passed there? He felt his eyes start to water as thoughts of his friends and family filled his brain.


(Y/n) woke up to the sound of a bell. His eyes were met with the luminescent glow of the bathroom's lights. "Oh you have got to be kidding me" He said, realizing he spent the night in a school bathroom stall. He stretched, trying to loosen his muscles. Not that it did much good, his back was stiff from leaning against the uncomfortable stall doors all night. 

(Y/n) gathered his stuff and made his way to class. When he got to his seat, he took out the sketch book and started to doodle on one of the pages. He decorated the page with dragons, cats, and various anime characters. 

"Oh, hey! It's my buddy!" (Y/n) stopped. Is it? He looked down at the page, now noticing a very familiar face mixed in with the rest. Damn it. "Hey, umm.. yeah. I'm trying to get better at drawing people and it kinda just happened" (Y/n) told Nendou, praying he believed him. Nendou looked from (Y/n) to the drawing then back to the (h/c) boy. He then pointed to himself. "Can you draw me?" He asked. Oh yay, cliche artist problems. But, he is giving me the perfect cover story. "Sure" (Y/n) said with a smile. 

A few minutes later, it was done. (Y/n) only drew him from the neck up for time purposes but Nendou seemed happy with it. "It's so pretty" he said with a gasp. Something like that. I'm just glad that's over.

~Saiki's pov~

Maybe if I ignore it, he'll go away. (Y/n) had the great idea to draw Nendou. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that Nendou won't leave Saiki alone about it. "Hey, (Y/n)!" Nendou yelled, despite (Y/n) being all of 10 inches away. 

Do I have to?' the (H/c) male's brain pouted. No, you don't. Feel free to ignore him. He got up and went around my desk to were Nendou was. "Can you show Saiki what you drew?" He asked. (Y/n) almost immediately became flustered and his words became just as hard to understand as his thoughts, which were currently contemplating skydiving with a fridge. 

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