Chapter 1

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Julia was a little different than your "average" girl. She spent her life showing, caring for, and riding her horse called Gus. Gus was a retired OTTB who she was determined to retrain completely herself, and she did a damn good job at it.
Julia is now 19, and Gus is 10. They've recently started competing in very high end shows, and placing every single time they've gone.
The last show she went to was a little different though. She met a boy. (Which doesn't happen frequently at horse shows.) His name was Olivier, Olivier Philippaerts. From what she got out of him, his father rides, and so does his twin brother Nicola, and they're both 20 years old. They own their own farm in Belgium, and that's where they spend most of their time when they aren't showing. After their little chat, he gave her his number, however, Julia completely lost her focus. She held first place for a little bit, but it slowly slipped away from her as other riders continued to beat her.
She flew home to New York more than disappointed in herself. Was she really going to let some boy come between her, her horse, and her career, or was she going to forget about Olivier and keep moving on?

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