Lazier tag

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Hey everyone! So i got the idea of lazier tag thanks to my wattpad buddy courny! ^.^ Hope you enjoy!!!!!

"Lazier Tag!"

Pacen’s P.O.V

I didn’t understand why Abs would want me to sacrifice my feelings to spare Devin. Didn’t she know that she was breaking my heart? Didn’t she know that I was in love with her. I was going to tell her. Before I lost another chance. I stepped out of the shower with a towel in my hand. I wrapped it around my waist and walked into my room. Abby was sitting on my bed, slipping on her sandals. Her eyes trailed up my body. I smirked. “Like what you see, Abigail?” I teased. She blushed and nodded shyly. I strutted over to her and bent down to kiss her. She kissed me back coyly. I pushed her back and hovered over her. I licked her bottom lip. She opened her mouth slowly to let me in.

Every time we kissed I felt like I was on fire. My whole body burned with lust for her and I carved more of her. She put her hands on my chest and shoved me up to free her lips. I planted kisses on her neck. She gasped. “Pacen.” She breathed.

I moved up so that I could see her. “Abby?” I said softly.

“Yeah?” She smiled.

“Abby, I’m-” I was cut off by the sound of her phone ringing. She quickly pushed me off her and ran to answer her phone.

“Hello?” She said. I frowned and got up from the bed. I entered my closet before putting on my briefs. “Yeah, I’ll be right there.” I heard her snap her phone shut. I zipped up my jeans just as she entered. “Devin and Amy are here.” She said half-heartily.

“Oh, alright. Thanks.” I said a bit upset.

She smiled before walking off. Another time, Pacen. Another time would be just fine.

Abby’s P.O.V

I headed outside. Devin was sitting in the drivers seat, talking with Amy. She was sitting in the back waiting for Pacen. It bothered me that she was here. I guess just as much as it would’ve bothered Pacen that Devin was here. Devin turned his head, allowing his brown hair to fall a bit. He smiled at me. “Hey, beautiful.” He called from the car.

“Hi.” I smiled. Amy opened the back seat door and smiled at me.

“Hey, girl.” She said sweetly. Which was weird because she was never nice to me. She was usually mean. “Is Pacen coming?”

“Yeah, he was getting dressed.” I sneered.

She studied me for a moment before residing back into the back. I got into the front seat of Devin’s Cameron. He cupped my face before plastering his lips to mine. Pacen got into the car and slammed the door shut.

“Damn it, man! What’s wrong with you?” Devin spun to face him.

I watched Pay from the mirror he shook his head and glared out the window. Devin sighed before driving off. I kept watching him, I couldn’t help myself. I saw Amy’s small hand reach for him. He smacked it away at first, but she pulled him into her and kissed him. He kissed her back. I tried to hold back the bile in my throat as she shoved her tongue down his throat. Her hands went down to his pants. She rubbed the outside of his zipper. I rolled my eyes before putting my attention on Devin.

“So what’s up, babe?” He asked.

“Oh, so now I’m your babe?” I raised an eyebrow. I stared at the mirror to find Pacen watching us as Amy kissed his neck.

“Yeah. You know, I thought you were my girl now…” He trailed off. His cheeks a bit red. If I wasn’t madly in love with Pacen, I would’ve thought it was cute. I couldn’t help the smile that played on my lips.

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