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A little note before you start reading. this is NOT the usual student/teacher relationship story. I hate writing the same thing as everyone else (not that I am saying everybody does), and this won't be like a romance story. it will be romance, but a lot more.

Thank you for reading.


Chapter 1.

"This is so wrong," I whispered breathless against his neck.

"I know,'' was the answer I got back.

"We should stop.''

"I don't want to."

"Me neither."

His mouth trailed kisses down my chest to my clevage, shivers of desire ran down my spine and I couldn't help myself from moaning in response.  

My hands clutched his hair while my legs circled his waist, making sure there was absolutely no space between us. I wanted closer, hell; my need was so big that I even wanted to be a part of him

I could feel his eagerness press up against my thigh; I smirked by how he still was in the mood. Who would think that I can make a person like him go so crazy. A year ago, insecure little me would've never thought that it was possible for someone to crave me like he does.

It felt kind of good knowing that I got this power over this man, and that I was the one in control of how this worked.

"I should probably go, it's getting dark... and we can't be late for school tomorrow,'' I said.

A groan escaped me when he did not stop. It was too hard to think when he was kissing my body this way, but the thought of my mom's furious face was enough to make me sober up a little.

"I'm starting late, can't you just ditch?'' he said as he lifted his head up to mine, so close that our noses were touching each other's.

His warm breath hit my face and I stared into his dark green eyes, they were so hypnotic and beautiful.

"I want to, but my mom...'' I trailed off, knowing he would understand the meaning behind my words.

He leaned in and our lips met each other's, and I sighed in happiness by the feeling of his soft lips on mine. The kiss grew more passionate, making it harder for me to concentrate each second that passed by.

"Oh what the hell," I murmered hugged him closer.

It didn't take too long before I forgot all the problems this would cause and just gave into his mesmerizing kisses.


I know it's short, but this is just a short preview. 


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