The ripper

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(Set in the 60's felt like I should say that)

"Last one for tonight" I said to the local Tom as I was pouring his last glass of whiskey. He let out a hearty laugh agreeing with me.

I picked up some of the empty glasses on the bar with the faint music of jazz in the background. I'm working a late shift tonight since I agreed to cover for my friend Donna so there wasn't that many people in the bar tonight.

Suddenly the jazz music was cut off by getting interrupted by a breaking news announcement.

"We regret to inform the great people of this town that the ripper has escaped the rooftop asylum for the mentally insane, I repeat the ripper has escaped the rooftop asylum for the mentally insane we urge everyone to stay indoors and lock their doors and windows, if you are walking about tonight, walk in at least groups of four. To spot the killer there should be a scar on the lower right cheek. Stay indoors and most importantly safe".

A worried feeling crept into my stomach, I turned around to see if Tom or anyone was still there but suddenly everyone in the bar had left.

I ran over to the door and locked it. My breathing turned heavy, I heard so many stories of this gruesome killer. They left their victims with half of a face. No one knew why they did it.

I calmed myself down and started to do the clean up. I mean this is a big enough town so what are the odds that I would run into the ripper.

After I cleaned up I turned off all of the lights and went out the back door.

I locked the door and turned around to start heading home.

I held my bag tighter as my fear started to crawl up my body.

I kept turning around to see if anyone was behind me since it felt like someone was breathing down my neck.

I picked up my pace just wanting to get home faster. I looked at my surroundings and it seemed that everyone had stayed in tonight and I knew it was because of the announcement.

I stood at the top of the dark and creepy alleyway.

"After here I'm home" I reassured myself before I started to walk.

I was trying to calm my breathing down, I looked in between all the trash cans to see if there was anyone there.

Feeling slightly more calm I started to walk at my normal pace again. That was until I heard a loud bang from behind me.

I instantly bolted off running not even caring to look behind me. It was when I got to the end of the alleyway that I stopped.

I heard a little meow and looked down to see a small black cat.

I laughed to myself and bent down to the small cat "so it was you that made that noise" the cat rubbed itself against my knee for a moment until it caught eyes with something and ran off.

I stood back up "that's weird" I picked up my bag but my glasses fell from it.

When I went to pick them up a hand bet me to it.

I felt goosebumps rise on my skin and froze in my spot until I slowly stood up fully straight.

"Here you go" the cold hand dropped my glasses in mine.

I met eyes with the chocolate ones and was shocked to see that it was a woman. I couldn't really make out her full face.

"Thank you very much" I went to turn around and leave until the hand grabbed my forearm.

"Why leave so quickly" that was when she stood into the moonlight and the scar on her face was visible proving to me that she is in fact the ripper.

I let out a shaky breath "it's been a long night and I have to get home" I didn't even realise that I was crying until she wiped one of my tears from my face.

"A beauty like you shouldn't be shedding tears" she held my face and stared at me deeply.

"Are you going to kill me" I nervously asked looking into her killer eyes.

She gave me a little smirk.

"I have better plans for you".

And that's when everything went black.

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