Lindsey point of view
*Time skip to Saturday*

I woke up with a smile on my face. Today was my date with Cole and I couldn't wait. I walked over to my closet and looked through it. I had decided on a light blue Shirt with Black pants. I also wore my Gray flats. I brushed my hair and pulled it into a pony tail, Leaving my bangs out over my Right eye. I grabbed my purse and checked in on Dad and Jon.
I couldn't help but smile, Jon had his arms wrapped around Emile, Emile was snuggled close to Jon's Chest, a smile on his face. I took a picture to use as blackmail •Nah Just for cuteness to show Masea and Tim.• I put my phone away and wrote a not telling them that I had left to go to the pizza place.
*Time skip because I r lazy*
I saw Cole sitting at a table and I smiled. He noticed me and waved me over, I started walking over before I got shoved into the floor. Why does this keep flipping happening to me? When I looked up to see who it was I saw a bit of blond hair go past me. I looked over at Cole to see him Trying to push away The bitch Amy.
I looked up just in time to see Cole and Amy kissing. I got up and turned around, tears in my eyes. I walked out of the pizza place and went to the Park. I found a bench by a cliff side ms sat down, as soon as I say I broke down into tears.
So he was lying to me about liking me. He truly liked the slut then. Why is it when ever I get a feeling for someone something happens to that person

'Hey Lindsey lets go to the park. I need to ask ya something.' Zane told me as he walked off. We were meeting later. As I walked into the park I saw Zane Kissing another girl. And by the looks of things he was enjoying it. I turned around and ran back to the orphanage. Where I cried.
••••••• end of Flashback••••

I got up for the bench and walked home. I'll just say that Cole had family matters so we had to reschedule. I saw Dad and Jon come out of the house. I Guess there going somewhere, Maybe. I hid behind a tree and watched them. The next thing they did surprised me. Jon had leaned in and Emile closed the gap, Pushing his lips to his. The kiss Deepened and soon they were back in the house. Not wanting to disturb them I walked to the back of the house to get to my room since it was close by the door. I slowly opened the door and saw Dad and Jon making out on the couch. I blushed and crawled to my room not making any noise in the slightest. I sat in my closet and just cried. My sobs barely heard by anyone.

I just want someone to love me too

Yeah I know don't hate me. I want LinLe to happen just as much as the next cat but I need drama. A lot of frame to be specific. Anyways Next time, I might make it Coles point of view to see how it actually went down and Maybe Jon's and Emile's Make out session in 3rd Person cause I know you wanna see it 😏😏.

Byeeeeeeeeeee kittens ^3^

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