Chap. 11

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Tyler's POV

"I hate this class," Shane said, as we walked into Improv.

"Everyone does," I answered, plopping down at our usual table.

"Hello everyone," Mrs. Karman called, clapping her hands together. "Today we're going to work on songs on the spot."

"Of course we are," I muttered, looking out the window. The girls' PE class was walking by, per usual.

"Would you tap that?" Shane asked, as some chunky chick walked by.

"Oh hell no," I said, causing the both of us to crack up.

"Well Shane and Tyler, thank you for volunteering!" Mrs. Karman called, a smile on her face.

"What did we volunteer for?" I asked, causing half the class to crack up.

"On the spot songs, why don't you just come right up and show us how it's done?"

Shane and I knew plenty of songs, so it shouldn't be too hard. I jogged up to the front, Shane right behind me.

"Trinity," Mrs. Karman announced. "Give them a topic."

"A topic?" I asked.

"To sing about."

"Pawn Shops," she said, a smirk on her face.

Who the hell comes up with Pawn Shops?

"Well let's hear it."

"You want us to randomly burst into song about a Pawn Shop?" Shane asked, raising his eyebrows at her.

"That's how it works."

"Play a tune," I ordered. "Something swingy, something that you can really get in to."

"Sure," Shane muttered, taking a seat at the piano. He cracked his knuckles and then played a swinging tune.

I repeatedly sang the word "oh" to stall in order to come up with lyrics. Trinity began snapping, flashing me a teasing smile. Pretty soon the entire class was snapping.

"Nothing gets better than having all the treasure: instruments to radios iPods stereo. You can sell whatever, like magical sweaters. Even if it's old you can sell it we will buy it."

Shane pointed to the piano, and I slid in next to him. I sang "oh" while I watched what he was doing, and then I took over for him.

"At the Pawn Shop. Everything is better not going home not ever. Ear phones and diamond rings gold chains silver rings, it doesn't really matter toys if you'd rather. Bring it down we'll pay you today."

I sang the "oh" and Shane switched with me at the piano.

"It's like a party at the Pawn Shop. Just having a good time, look around you'll find everything you can describe. Gold chains, video games, just bought my girl a diamond ring. Not going home tonight, everything here just feels right."

A sudden idea came to me, so I didn't switch with Shane.

"The apple of eye this store is like oh my. Those drums right there so hot I'm rocking out. I'm so much better now. Blasting these speakers up oh wow, you loving this Pawn Shop everybody scream and shout," I rapped.

I could hear the gasps of the girls as my slight accent came out on the word "pawn", and I couldn't help but smirk.

"Nothing gets better than this," Shane repeated from the piano. He repeated it four separate times, while I repeated the word "oh", before doing a little piano number and ending the song. While he was doing his piano number, I whistled along.

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