Well.... This is my first attempt at a story. It's probably gonna be shit. But i just though i'd write it anyways. maybe someone will enjoy it? i don't know...


"Phoenix!?" Jeffree called down the stairs.

"Yeah!?" i called back up to him, as i grabbed an apple.

"Are you done getting ready?" he asked walking down the stair as quickly as he could in his heels.

"Yep" i said happily taking a bite of my apple

"Good we might actually make it on time" he said with a slight smirk.

i giggled as i got in the car. Jeffree quickly started the car and drove off.

"Quite rushy today arent we?" i asked slightly giggling

Jeffree gave me a look, but quickly started laughing. i soon joined in.

after we were done laughing we pulled into 'Blood Manor' AKA Jayy and Dahvie house.

Today was gonna be amazing.


So let me start off by telling you about me.

My name is Phoenix Marie Star.

As you may be able to tell I'm the daughter of Jeffree Star. And i know what you're thinking. Jeffree's gay,. I got it right didn't i? well here's how Jeffree explains it, years ago he was at a party, got drunk and ended up sleeping with a girl. about two weeks later she called and told him she was pregnant. Jeffree didn't hesitate to being a father. But apparently something went wrong during labor that the doctors didn't see and my mother, Maura Scott, died shortly after giving birth to me. I only got one picture with my mother. I've been told many times i look alot like my mother. but there is some Jeffree in me. Jeffree fills more of a mother space to me than a father space. But i still call him my father. he was only 13 when i was born (my mother was 15) yes he was young. But he raised me didnt he!?

im 15  (NOTE: In this story the legal age for sex is 16. XD)

i have brown eyes and constantly died hair, which right now is purple and green. (Hair in multimedia box ;o )

and what Jeffree doesn't know is... i have a sliiight crush on Jayy. okay a big one. but what he doesnt know won't hurt him.


I told you it would be shit xD

It will get better i think this is pretty short but ehh.... anyways ill try to improve it. i have lots of ideas for future chapters so... yay xD

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