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Enjoy these weird things to make life in school a bit mor enjoyable

Question of the Day:

Whats your favorite color?

•When the teacher's facing the board, have everyone quietly move their desks a tiny bit forward, and if the teacher turns around stop immediately. Rinse and repeat and see how close you can get to the front of the class.

•When your teacher has finished explaining a really long chapter or something, put up your hand, and say "I'm sorry, can you repeat everything you just said? I wasn't paying attention"

•Dress up like Dracula or a superhero wearing a cape, then play with your cape all day.

•Pretend you just slapped a fly, and then say "Mmmm, snack time!"

•Get the class phone's number, then use your cellphone during class to call the phone every 5 minutes and then hang up.

•Hide in the cupboard and refuse to come out. Then come out eventually. Then don't go to school the next day, but have everyone else in your class tell the teacher that you're hiding in the cupboard again (make sure it's locked and really hard to force open). See how long it takes before the teacher realizes you're not there...

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