Robby x Captain Cori: Rescued And Rehabilitated

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He was wrong.

The captain was a female, first and foremost. She was a lot younger than Robby expected her to be, only a little bit older than him. She had brunette hair pulled back into a small ponytail. And though she had an obvious tough vibe, Robby still found her to be beautiful.

"Are you okay, um...", she began.

"Robby.", he replied, he knew the captain was asking for his name.

"My name is Captain Cori."

"That's a nice name..." Robby said, a hint of joy and sadness was in his tone. Joy, because someone finally found him. Someone tough, sweet, and beautiful, at that.

But he was also sad. His mind was not in a stable state. He was tired, hungry, lonely, fed-up, and just felt dirty.

"Are you okay..." Cori asked ever so gently.

Robby decided to be honest.

"No.." he answered, trying to fight the sob that was trying to rip past his throat.

Cori came in closer and wrapped her toned arms around Robby. "And it's okay to not be okay..." Cori reminded him in a gentle voice.

Robby could not hold it in anymore. He had to let out all of the sadness that had been building up for the past three years.

Robby broke down in front of Captain Cori. He was a bit embarrassed to be sobbing his eyes out in front of someone he had just met, but he couldn't take it anymore, he had set himself free from the sadness and loneliness he had been enduring for the past three years.

Cori felt horrible for the poor man and allowed him to cry into her chest. "It's okay, Robby...I know this was a hard experience for you..." she cooed into his ear. "But it's over now...we are gonna get you back to civilization as soon as you are done crying..."

While it felt somewhat weird for Robby, being so close to someone after being desolate for three years, he needed this. He needed communication and physical contact after being casted away for so long. Being in Cori's arms while letting out his sorrows felt wonderful.

.  .  .

After about five minutes, Robby finally ran out of tears. "Thanks, Cori...I am starting to feel better already." Robby said with a small smile.

"No problem." Cori replied gently. "Let's get you onto the ship. I will guide you to some important areas."

So then Captain Cori showed him the most important areas of the ship: The showering room and the dining area. Cori even had some spare clothes for Robby that looked like his shrimp boat work uniform, just with different colors: the shirt was aqua and white instead of aqua and black, and the bandana was red instead of black.

"Here are some spare clothes." Cori said.

"Thanks, miss!   And they are my style too!" Robby said, he was pleased at Cori's selection.

"After you clean up in the showering room, you can go help yourself to some pizza. I know it's been forever since you had some."

"Yep, I ate it all the time. In fact, I loved it so much, I spent my rent money on it." Robby admitted. "It was irresponsible of me, but a man's gotta eat..."

"Well, I am sure, this will be paradise for you, then. After all, the recipes are the same for the foods here as they are at Papa Louie's restaurants?"

"Wait?  Restaurants? As in plural?" Robby inquired.

"Yep, Papa Louie opened up a burger restaurant back in 2010. And he is fixing to open a taco one." Captain Cori informed Robby.

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