Robby x Captain Cori: Rescued And Rehabilitated

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Author's Note: Remember the Author's Note that was attached at the end of "A Romance Night" in my "Shousse Oneshots" book(if you have read it) where I said that I have another one-shot series planned? Welp. This is it! This was what I was referring to. I am also going to do a one shot series for other Papa Louie ships. What can I say? I am a romantic at heart!

Now, let me get some things out of the way:

This will include both canon (actual couples in the Flipverse) and fanon (not actually a couple, but pairings I still ship nevertheless) ships.

No, I will NOT include Me x Mousse one shots in this work, as I want to keep them separate and in their own work/book.

No, this will NOT be connected to my Shousse One Shots book.

Yes, this will include fan fiction for multiple ships, whereas my Shousse book is only for Me x Mousse alone.

I may or may not give certain ships multiple stories. I haven't decided yet. It will depend on how this goes and what I feel like writing.

The ". . ." indicate time skips and scene changes.

This will only be for Papa Louie ships I support, and Papa Louie couples.

For my first one shot of this series, I am going to put the spotlight on Robby x Captain Cori. I just love this ship so much. It is my favorite Papa Louie ship (besides Me x Mousse).

On top of the fact that Robby and Captain Cori are my #2 and #3 favorite customers respectively, Captain Cori was Robby's hero, she rescued him from the island he got stuck on between the events of Papa's Pizzeria and Papa's Taco Mia (yes, that's canon). Because of this, I can't help but believe they have a special connection. <33333

This story takes place a bit before May 20, 2011 (which was when Papa's Taco Mia came out and I believe a little bit before that day, is when Robby got rescued). Anyways enjoy. <333

Robby ended up on a remote island one Summer day after a freak accident on a shrimp boat. He had lived there for three years. He barely had anything to eat...only coconuts and fish. He had little shelter, only a small hut made out of some of the island's wooden resources. And worst of all, he was all alone...

He spent every day, hoping that someone would find him. He spent every night, crying himself to sleep. And as every day passed, his hope of getting rescued grew thinner and thinner.

.  .  .

Robby sat peacefully on the island one day, looking off into the ocean. "I don't know why I am still holding out hope..." Robby sighed. "No one has found would anyone ever will?"

Suddenly he saw a tiny speck out in the ocean. Could it be? Could someone have finally found him?!

"HEY!!! OVER HERE!!" Robby shouted, vigorously waving his arms in the air.

The captain of the ship saw the signal. "I'm coming for you!!" she shouted, though Robby couldn't have heard her. She sailed the S.S. Louie, which she had just been hired to captain by Papa Louie, as fast as she could.

"I think the person on that ship is coming to rescue me.." Robby said to himself with a hint of hope in his tone.

Sure enough, Robby was right.  The captain stopped the boat by the island.

The captain also decided to get off the ship. After all, they knew Robby needed physical contact after those long three years.

The captain was nothing like Robby she expected. He expected a male captain a lot older than him to step off the ship.

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