A New Someone

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Dream looked out at the vast, beautiful scenery. The moon filled the midnight sky with its bright, illuminating light. The twinkling stars painted the dark space, creating a glorious picture. He felt the cold wind whipped past his face as his horse galloped through the valleys. He didn't settle for any city or village. Traveling out and building his own cabin in the boundless forest is everything he could've wanted. He was free from any control.

The moon was center in the sky; midnight. He had finished up hunting earlier in the day and stocked up on some supplies from a market miles away from his cabin. Traveling around like this made him feel like a nomad. For the longest time, Dream wanted to convert completely into a nomadic lifestyle. He never really fit in with anyone else, let alone in the weird concept of living in a society.

Dream pulled his horse back. He saw a perfect spot to sit down a relax for a bit. He got off his horse and laid down on the grass. He stopped in front of a large lake. The moonlight reflected on the water, ripples in the lake made the light dance. He took his mask off and stared at the twinkling sky.

Living completely on his own wasn't all the best. He always felt lonely. Dream often dreaded late nights; often due to his overthinking. He only imagined what life could be like if he lived in the cities, hell, even a village. But the concept of talking to someone and making friend was foreign concept to him. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try, but he doesn't even know where to start, literally, where to start.

He closed his eyes, nodding in and out of sleep. He kept battling his sleep until he heard suddenly heard a loud explosion in the distance.

He got up and looked around.

"Hm, just a creeper."

Maybe I should get going, it isn't safe here.

Dream climbed onto his horse and started moving again. Although, after a couple seconds of galloping he stopped. Adventure was something he loved; he couldn't resist it. He decided to check out what happened, just to see. He made his way past the lake and over the distant hill. He remembered where the sound came from, so he continued going in the same direction. It led him to a dense, thick, dark oak forest. The sound of monsters alarmed him; it sounded like so many, freaking him out a little.

He hopped off and tied his horse to a nearby tree.

"I'll be right back." His horse neighed back at him.

He heard of mixture of almost every monster; zombies, spiders and skeletons.

What? Why are there so many?

He stopped in his tracks, he stood behind a tree. Something was attracting those monsters, but what was it? Something was also fighting them back. He decided to move closer, but carefully.

Grunting, he heard grunting. As if someone was struggling to fight them back. He heard the sound of an iron sword clash against the bones of the skeletons.

"Ugh! Get back!"

Oh my god. What?

Why would anyone be out here this late? Especially in the middle of nowhere?

"No!" He heard the man scream. The explosions of several creepers nearly made Dream go deaf. The explosion sounded like it killed most of the monsters but he heard the man groan in pain. The monsters had no mercy; they kept attacking.

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