the quack attack is back jack

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the feeling of a shoe hitting my back woke me up from the deep sleep i had just endured.

i groaned flipping over to see lilah holding the phone,"it's for you."

i held my hand out, waiting for the phone to be placed in it.

we were coming up on six months without bombay, and while i definitely missed him, i think i missed the sport more. it was bombay who taught me to love hockey, but he left immediately after that, leaving me in complete disarray.

that being said, that also meant guy and i had been dating for awhile as well. i couldn't have been happier with my life. the only thing i seemed to be missing was the game.

i filled the void with the st. paul productions community theatre guild, but it just wasn't the same. i loved it, and i had taken on many roles, but it just didn't bring the fire that hockey did.

i felt the phone as it was placed in my hand, and brought it to my ear,"hello?"

"lacey, hey," i heard adam's voice through the speaker,"do you wanna come over and play street hockey?"

a small smile appeared on my face, wondering how it was possible that he had seemed to read my mind,"yeah, what time?"

"uhhhh," he trailed off for a second, trying to think,"i'm cool anytime you get here. my dad only lets me play by the guest house anyways."

"oh, god, not the guest house," i spoke sarcastically, with a roll of my eyes,"i just woke up, so i can be there in like an hour or so."

"cool, i'll see you then." he answered.

we said our goodbyes and i hung up, setting the phone on my nightstand.

banks had been injured at the end of our championship game, but he healed up pretty quickly. it wasn't long before he was begging all of us to play him.

it hadn't even been two seconds before the phone rang again. with a roll of my eyes, i answered the phone,"yeah?"

"hey, lace." i heard the voice of my boyfriend, guy say.

a smile uncontrollably formed on my face, as i walked over to my closest in search of an outfit,"hey, what's up?"

i heard him nervously chuckle on the other end of the line. even though we had been dating for a while, he was still antsy about asking me to do things with him.

as if i could ever could or would ever say no to him.

"so, listen, i was wondering if you wanna go on a date with me today? i wanna take you to st. anthony falls." he said, causing me to let out a disappointed sigh.

it wasn't because the offer wasn't amazing, because trust me, it was. and if he had called a few minutes earlier, i would be looking for a cuter outfit.

"i'm really sorry, guy," i started, a frown etched onto my face,"i told banksie i would play street hockey with him at his house."

guy groaned, clearly a little annoyed that i would be hanging with a guy that wasn't him,"what? why?"

i chuckled lightly at his response, thinking it was cute,"cause he asked me. and we're friends."

"so?" he questioned, though he knew it meant his date was cancelled.

"i'll see you later, babe." i replied, getting up and walking to my closet.

"hope so." he answered, before the dial tone filled the empty silence.

adam and i stood in the driveway of his guest house, in front of a wooden goalie.

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