That escalated quickly.... JESUS.

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Jumping back I bowed down in surender. I'm sorry Alpha. I didn't know it was you. I'm so sorry. I told him. He got up and shoke his head. When he approched me, he licked a soft spot above my eye that was bleeding. Don't worry. Nice job by the way. I didn't even see you coming. He told me and his words floated through my mind happily. My whole wolf shivered at the contact. Trying not to let him notice, I shifted and curled behind a tree with my head peaking out. He shifted too and grabbed a pair of shorts and slipped them on. "How did you get to me so fast? And where's Cliff?" He asked slipping a shirt over my head as he came up to me. I closed my eyes and listened. "Right diagonal corner." I told him. He smiled. "C'mon, let's get your cut cleaned up. CLIFF. Pack house." He shouted the last part and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked back to the house.

"Ouch." I winced and pulled away. Joel was cleaning my cut in the pack infermery while Cliff and Elijah sat by asking me questions about training. "Stop being such a baby. It's going to heal as soon as I get all the dirt out anyways." He muttered pouring rubbing achohal over it. "Hell, you can practically knock the Alpha on his derriere but you whine over a little bitch cut?" Cliff muttered smirking. "I'm about to bitch cut you if you don't stop talking." I glared at him. By the time Joel was done, I felt the wound squeeze the skin together as it formed to be perfectly clear unscared. "Great!, can we get back to training now?" I bounced up and of the counter top. "Uh, no. If you wanna train, we'll start on your flexibility in the gym downstairs, other than that, you need a break. I'll be in my office again, If I hear you go back to training, I won't be happy." Elijah said clearly and I frowned nodding. He left the room after kissing my forehead and I starred at Cliff and Joel.

I was in a new pair of boxers, these one's had "Lazy." Printed on the butt and they were all black with white print. I had a button up shirt of Cliff's on, and was sitting on the couch talking with him and Joel. I laughed at a terrible joke Cliff made and that's when Rebekah came down smiling. "Hey, wanna join us? We just talking and goofing around." I winked at her. She was avoiding contact with Joel, but she smiled at me and sat down on Cliff's lap. "How'd your day go?" He asked her. "Good actually, how bout' you Cliffyboo?" She teased making Joel laugh. "Mighty fine, ma' dear." He teased back and ruffled her hair. I smiled. How did I get so lucky to be found and accepted into this back by these boys? God knows how happy I am now, and it feels amazing. Elijah came down the stairs and joined us. He picked me up, sat down on a lazyboy chair and sat me on his lap. "What's wrong?" I asked him. He smiled. "I just wanted you near me." He told me, and I blushed.

"C'mon! That's a cheap shot. My dead grandmas could do better then that, c'mon." Cliff was shouting at the Hockey game on the TV. I laughed watching him throw pillows around. Rebekah finally gave up and sat on on his lap when Cliff went to go get chips and snack foods from the kitchen. I watched as something flashed through his eyes, it looked like something good, but I couldn't Identify it, but I noticed how he pulled her closer to his chest and stopped his yelling a bit. "I'm back. We have.... Popcorn, Potatoe chips, Chocolate, Pop and Pretzel's." Cliff said placing a whole punch of bags on the table along with a large bowl of popcorn and two bottles of pop with plastic cups. I grabbed a handful of Pretzel's and curled further into Elijah as we watched the movie Scream 2. This movie always scared the Bejheezus out of me, and the whole time me and Rebekah were screaming and hiding our faces.

"Stop being such a baby." Joel told me as I gasped at the sudden bang in the movie. "Holy shit!" He screamed as the Scream guy stabbed his knife through a door. "Yeah Joel, stop being a baby." I stuck my tongue out at him and Bekah laughed. I yawned. "Tired, Kit Kat?" Cliff smirked. "No. Are you Clifford?" I asked him. He glared. "I told you not to call me that, it's such a stupid nickname." He rolled his eyes. "You're a stupid nickname." I muttered childishly. I felt Elijah's chest rumble with laughter. I blushed a deep scarlett and continued watching the screen. The movie was just ending, nice peaceful music was playing. "Something has to happen.. it has too..." Rebekah rambled over and over scared out of her mind. "BAH." Joel popped in her ear and she screamed. "You were right, something did happen." He told her laughed. She slapped his chest and frowned. "C'mon, cheer up Bekah-boo." He told her and hugged her close. He might not have noticed her reaction, and how she instantly calmed down and forgave him, but I did. Joel must really be stupid if he can't notice she's his mate at this point, I shoke my head.

This was my seventh yawn in less than fifteen minutes. "C'mon. Let's get you to bed." Elijah said. I groaned and whined. "I'm fine, really. It's only 12:07 am, I'm not tired at al-" Sixteenth yawn. "Yeah, sure you're not. Let's go." He said and craddeling me bridal style he carried me up and into his room. He lay me down on his bed and wrapped me up in his blankets. "I have a room you know." I told him yawning, so it might have sounded a bit muffled. He chuckled. "Well I wan't you to sleep with me tonight, so get some rest." He leaned forward to kiss my forhead like always. "Night, Kat." He muttered. "Night Elij a-a-a-a......." I breathed sleepily. My eye's were getting heavy. I heard him laugh and tuck me in further and then heard as he left the door closing behind him. I yawned again keeping my eye's closed. I felt myself drain, but I don't remember when I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was feeling really good. Elijah wasn't beside me, so I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When I was scrubbed clean, I rung out my hair and wrapped a towel around me turning off the water. When I stepped into the bedroom, I dropped my towel and searched for some clothes. There was a low growl and suddenly I was pressed up against the wall completely naked still. I met eye's with Elijah, and he growled again. "Fuck." He breathed and next thing I know we were kissing. Our lips were molded together, my body grinding against his. It was heated, really heated. Grabbing and griping at eachother like we couldn't get enough. "You're, mine." He growled. "Yes, yours." I mimicked. We were all hands, all passion. Every touch was perfection as we took things to the bed. We hit the sheet's with a perfect flop and rolled around our bodies entertwining. My moans matched his and things got faster and more intense. "Kat. I love you." He moaned into my ear. Our breathing was heavy as I bit my lip. That's when I woke up for real.




Holy fudge-nuts, Kat's dream!! What are you guys thinking, will it come true? OPINIONS PLEASE.

Do you think Elijah and Kat should get together? or Cliff and Kat? Lemme know the teams guys! :) <3

Whatcha think about Joel and Rebekah? Things are looking good but thats when the drama come's right?....



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