Reliving The Night

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Her chest rises and falls heavily, as if she's having a nightmare. Biting my bottom lip, I watch her sleep, I watch as her lips slowly part as she exhales before turning onto her side, digging her head into the pillow while pulling the blanket up.

She's adorable. The way she slightly smiles, her face lighting up as the nightmare fades away into something beautiful. Her golden hair lighting from the few rays of sunlight that seep through the blinds, giving her a halo around the top of her head.

Rising from the bed, I tip-toe to the bathroom, slipping out of the sweat-ladden robe that hugged my body after last nights events. Beneath the blankets had been hot, but worth the moans that spewed from her lips as I went down.

Turning on the cold water, washing away the musty scent of sex, my mind wanders back to just what happened in the king-sized bed. There hadn't been an inch of the bed unused in our adventurous night. As my thoughts wander back to the beginning, when my beautiful blonde slipped off her dark blue robe, exposing her dancers' body, I find myself leaning back against the tiled wall, my eyes closing.

That robe falls to the ground, setting itself perfectly around her heeled legs. My eyes widening as I take in the scene. My beautiful Cassis, dressed in revealing lingerie as she climbs atop of the low table that rests in front of our bed. Biting the inside of my lip, she takes ahold of one of the bed posts, swaying her hips down to the table before popping her ass up.

 Kicking the heels off, she turns with her back to me, swaying her hips sensually, her ass teasing me with want that involves it against my pussy. My body itches to slip out of the bed from my laying position and mold itself to her backside.Refraining from doing so, I dig further back in the pillows, my legs spreading on their own accord.

Black lace falls from her body, the curves of her breasts bouncing lightly as she takes foot to the bed, the dark area erect as the cool air passes over it. Her pussy, naked, glistens with wetness that spreads along the uppermost of her thighs with each step she takes.

Naked where I lay, she lowers herself down to my pussy, just barely touching it, moving with lightness, back and forth, her nub brushing mine. Groaning in my frustration, she smirks, finally putting the weight of her body onto mine.

Temptress lips find themselves parting with mine, a fruity taste mixing into my mouth from her earlier snacking of nerds. Opening up to her, my tongue sneaks out, creating a bridge for hers to cross. She takes the bait, tangling as she fights for dominance.

Palms pressed firmly against my skin, they sensually rise to my breasts where her fingers close over. She squeezes, kneads my breasts, my back arching up, pressing into her soft hands. Whimpers flooding the walls as she lowers her mouth to the swell, running her tongue down to my left nipple. Tugging at it with her teeth, she brings it into her mouth, leaving a love mark.

Fingers digging into her back, my head pushing into the pillow, her name rolls off my tongue in moans. "" Her hips press firmly into mine as she pins me back down in the bed. Her lips travel to my ear, teasing and taunting with dirty suggestive thoughts, "Your moist, hot, tantalizing.." I bite my lip in a whimper as she continues, "My tongue caressing it..plunging in as I eat you out.." 

Smirking at the lust she's aroused, she gets on her knees, beckoning with her finger for me to sit up. I do as told, her legs spreading the process. Her arms wrap under mine as she straddles my lap, telling me to spread my legs. When I do so, her pussy presses against the majority of the upper half of mine, her knees on either side of my hips, her lower legs going beneath my bent ones.

My left hand slips up between our bodies, taking her breast in my hand, running my thumb over her erect nipple as the other rubs my own. Head tilting back, our lips meet for a fierce, passionate kiss. Slowly, she begins to move her hips up and down, rubbing her pussy against mine.

As things become more lustful, her hips move faster, mine own moving slightly as her hands splay across my shoulders and moans fill the silent air.

Her body pushes mine down, her arms keeping her up as my elbow prop me up. Still kissing, her back arches, causing a firm grind against my pussy. Slow and firm. Building us up, she slowly adds speed to her pace, my hips moving up when hers goes down. Her nub pressing into my entrance as she goes down, mine doing the same as she goes up.

The blood in my core pounds harshly, my release just around the corner. From her speed, going fast and hard, she's just about to reach hers as well. Both of us, moaning loudly, hit climax, becoming overtaken by a bout of tingles.

We continue to grind, but very slowly, working off the high and calming. She falls down beside me, breathing just as heavy as I.

Though, she's not done with me yet. Turning onto her side, she trails her hand down my body to my hot core. Her middle finger rubs my folds, teasing my nub as she circles it before running down between the folds. Dipping in slightly, she curves her finger, rubbing my walls. My back arches off the bed as the sharp tingles control it. Letting out soft whimpers and moans, my eyes closed, I feel her finger slip out and the movement next to becomes below me. Soon enough her hot breath hits my core, making my toes curl.

I'm brought back to reality, finding myself still in the shower, rubbing at my folds. Looking up to the gasp that tore me back, I find Cassis standing before me, lust-laden eyes watching my fingers. She whimpers, tearing her eyes away and meeting mine. With a nod of my head, she steps closer, placing her hands on my waist. Drawing my hand away from my pussy, she brings it to her mouth, her tongue sneaking out and tasting my juice-covered fingers. My eyes flutter as she moans.

Descending down, she leaves kisses where her lips have been, all the way down to my nub. She stays there for a while, attending to my nub with licks and nips, forcing my eyes to roll back, my palms to press against the tiled wall, and erotic whimpers of her name to spew out.

I can feel the smirk againt my folds as she begins to kiss down my folds heatedly, bring them into her mouth, sucking on them lightly as she slips her tongue between. Running up and down between the folds, her tongue stops at my burning entrance, running circles around it.

The tingles force me to tip-toes, trying not to squeeze my legs shut as they overtake my core. Lightly, she dips the tip of her tongue in, then as I lower myself down to flat feet, she plunges in, curling her tongue as she thrusts in deeply and partially out. My walls tighten around her tongue as she raises my leg over her shoulder, her tongue essentially reaching my g-spot.

Climaxing with the final thrust into my core, I bend over, my hands in her hair as she laps my release, moaning.

Slowly, she rises, bringing me upright, her fingers teasing my core for another round in the steamy shower.

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