Curiosity Strikes Again

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Nyla's POV

I made up an excuse that I was going to get a manicure and pedicure after work so Kari wouldn't suspect anything when I came home later than usual. I actually left work a couple hours early so I could actually do that to cover my ass when I went home plus it would give me more time to actually meet up with T. Why the hell I had agreed to meet up with him is beyond me but I figured if I gave him a small taste of what he really wanted, I could get to the real reason why he's on me so hard. I mean..I've never even kissed this man and yet he wants to treat me like a Queen and "give me the world" as he says.

"Ny just don't do anything stupid! You are a happily married woman with a damn family now!" I told myself as I drove through T's gate.

This man's new house is out of this fucking world! How the hell can he afford a place like this and he's been in jail for the last three months! Maybe I should just turn my ass around and take my ass home. Wait, is this nigga standing outside having a conversation that....Tre'?

Ah hell naw! The hell is he doing here and talking to T? I knew this was a bad idea! Maybe I can keep driving around and drive right on out without being caught

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Ah hell naw! The hell is he doing here and talking to T? I knew this was a bad idea! Maybe I can keep driving around and drive right on out without being caught.

Shit! They looked right at me! Let me park somewhere.

I guess touching up my lipstick and mascara is doing too much but at least let me check my face in my mirror before I get out.

"Nyla, remember what you're here to do! Stay focused and keep it moving! Shouldn't take more than thirty minutes TOPS!" I told myself.

I grabbed my phone and made sure the ringer was off. I sent Kari a text that I was about to start my manicure so I would see him when I got home. He replied "OK, Boo! Love you!" Before I could get out of the car. Yeah, let me hurry my ass up so I can get the hell out of dodge and home to my man.

"Nyla, Nyla, Nyla! You early...I like that!" T said to me in that West Coast accent of his.

Damn, what the hell did he do while he was locked up? Do weightlifting boot camp every day or something! He is bigger than he was the last time I saw him. And slim! Hunty been working out big time.

"Nyla, remember why you came! STAY FOCUSED!"

Whew! And Tre' too! His arms are huge! What the hell have I just walked into?

"Hey Tre'..long time." I wonder if he was in that whole train thing with Kim?

"Wuzzup Ms. Nyla! I see you out here doin' big things! Congrats on the baby by the way! I saw a pic of her on yo' IG. She's beautiful."

Aww, that's so sweet of him to say! "Thank you, Tre'! She's my everything."

T has been mugging Tre' the entire time he's been talking to me..wonder what that's about?

"Ny, go 'head and go inside. I need to finish up this convo. Ada is in the kitchen and will get you anything you need." Damn, T looks mad as hell.

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