It's the norm for me

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"Guess who?" a voice rang in my ear. And even though my eye's were closed, I knew it would be my long straight brown hair'd, blue eye'd, some-what close friend, Renee Malivert. "George clooney?" I asked opening one eye. "Ha-ha. But no. I have far less wrinkles. None actually." She chirped and pursed her lips. I fluttered my eye's open and rubbed them as I leaned up into a slouch. "My apologies. What are you doing in here anyways. You know if Kol catches you in here he'll beat me senseless." I shooed her off my bed, but she only stood at the end of it watching me with judgy eyes. "I don't care, I could take The Alpha. Show him a good One, two." She punched the air swinging. I half smiled at her. "Yeah well, you can give him a good one, two... in the living room. Get out before he catches you. Go." I got up and shoved her out of the door. I pressed my forehead against the cool wood of the now closed door and sighed. "Happy 16th birthday Katerina." I told myself. And turned around to get ready for school.

Five minutes, record timing, and I was rushing down the stairs in a black T-shirt and blue washed jeans. My navy blue pull-over sweater was hanging over my arm as I ran, my converse screetching against the newly polished floor of the pack house. I rushed into the kitchen, shoved my sweater into a corner of the counter and began grabbing food for breakfast out of the fridge. In two minutes - another record of time -, I was frying bacon, eggs, and pancakes plus squeezing fresh oranges of there juice. Quickly, I grabbed four large serving plates from the cuboards, tossed them on the kitchen counter, and poured each pan of fried goods onto them seperately. I clicked the stove top burners off one by one, and rushed the food out to the dining room table. It was normal morning routine, I was used to it. I knew what had to be done.

I must wake up a 5:00 am every morning. Get dressed, rush downstairs, in and around the kitchen cooking breakfast for the pack, set the dining room table, rush to do the dishes, wipe up the counter's, clear the dining room table after they were all done eating, do those dishes, put them all away, wipe the table up quick, make sure the whole kitchen is spotless, all before the clock chimed 7:00 am. I took the juice from the juicer machine, poured it into a large glass juice jug, and rushed that out to the dining room table too. When I looked over my work, everything was flawless. Every seat - a total of 12 - , was set with a plate, fork, knife, and glass cup. It was all exactly where it was supposed to be. Including me in the corner of the room, watching the pack members, all but our Alpha for whatever reason, come in, sit down, eat, talk, laugh, argue, and then leave. As quickly and quietly as I could, I cleared the table, wiped it up, and started with the dishes.

It was 7:17 am when I was finished. Fear struck through me as I grabbed my sweater, and rushed upstairs to my room in stealth mode to grab my backpack. I was hoping no-one would notice how late I was, but of course, I was an unlucky duck. When I had closed my bedroom door - if you could call a single matress and a broken dresser a bedroom - behind me, I smashed into the hard chest of a person. That person being my brother, Ace. I kept my eye's cast down a I mumbled an apology. "Watch where you're going fatass, jheeze you could have squished me. Could you take up anymore room? The wall's aren't that wide fugly." He spat and bumped my shoulder as he walked down the hall to his room. How original, no-one's thought of that one before, I thought to myself as I walked down the stairs and out to the graveled street of the driveway. My eye's were damp, but I forced the tear's away. Watching the expensive and extremely gorgeous car's speed past me, I started down the street and on my way to school.

Naturally, I was late. Sometimes I wondered if Alpha Kol purposily made the order that no-one was to drive me to school from the pack, just so he knew I would be late and just so he could beat me for it. When I reached the mucky brown peeled, painted metal doors at the front of the school, I swung them open rushing down the hall, my dull, red hair that was lengthed to the small of my back, blowing behind me as I did. As I slid my shoes across the floor, I missed the door by about a meter. I made a beline for it and ripped open his door aswell, breathing heavy as I muttered "Sorry I'm late." to Mr. Hilton, my English teacher. He waved my presence away as I walked to the back of the class room. Melonie, who's name matched her huge arse melon's perfectly, stuck her foot out like she did every morning, and like every morning, I stepped over it and sat in my desk awaiting the painful lesson.

When the bell had rung, I slipped my backpack over my shoulder, and was last the leave the classroom. I was met in the hallways with screetching teenage girls, and annoyingly stupid blonde barbie whore's, who were all surrounding my pack members. The one's who just happen to be the Jocks who play Football. I slipped through the crowd like I normally would, only I stopped halfway through pushing past two girls. The scent was strong. The strongest I had ever smelt in my entire five year's of being a wolve, you know, since we don't shift for the first time till we hit puberty. Which was the last time I shifted since I am no longer allowed, and my parent's died that year. Instinctively, I turned around looking for my mate. I knew the scent was getting stronger, which meant he must be getting closer, and that's when I met a beautiful mix of light and dark blue eye's.

No, This can't be happening to me. Please, please, please no. I rambled on and on in my head as he approched me. One thing, please. One thing is supposed to go right for me, my mate is supposed to be my night in shining armour, not the demon from hell below. I looked around. The halls were emptying slowly. Too, too, slowly. I watched as he stood infront of me, starring at me with cold, betraying disgust written all over his face. I waited for it. The three words no wolf would ever wish on someone else. The three word's no-one ever wanted to heard coming from there mate. I knew they were coming though. How could I not know? Look who was standing infront of me? He snarled at me, pushing me up against a locker, one of his hands out stretched beside my face. "I don't want you. You're a sad for a werewolve, and I can't even began to understand why I was paired with you as a mate." he scoffed. And then, even though I knew they were coming, they still hit me like a ton of bricks on fire. "I reject you." Kol Night, My Alpha, spat at me before slamming his fist on the locker right by my ear, and walking away.


So that was my first chapter! Tell me what you guys think!




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