Chapter 1

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3rd POV

It was a dark night on the island. Marines walked down the the path talking to each other silently and headed for their location. Others remained guards, in front of the tents posted outside. Their were hardly any lights on seeing many were sleeping at the moment to prepare for the next day. They soldiers had been fighting for 3 days and tomorrow was to be the finally one on this island. In one tent in particular, sat a young girl, all alone with her desk. Piles littered the desk as she scanned over the paper with her emotionless cyan blue eyes. She was only 17 and yet here she was, in the middle of war.
"Captain! The Vice Admiral sent us to give you these!"
"Give them to me." She ordered, not rudely, just a simple order but the men found themselves growing nervous. She was a beautiful girl with long, wavy pink hair stretching down her back. It was worn down because she couldn't care enough to do anything with it, while her eyes took on a chan blue shade similar to the color of pure water. Her face and body was sculpted to perfection. Her curvaceous form was covered in a short dress. The outside red while down the center it was white while her legs were adorned with thigh high black boots.

 The outside red while down the center it was white while her legs were adorned with thigh high black boots

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Maybe her beauty only added to their nervousness. She was small, but her cold and calculating eyes made it hard to know what she was even thinking. It was void of happiness, anger, she wasn't even calm. There was just nothing there. And that's what scared them.
"Y-Yes Captain!!" They quickly placed the papers on her desk rushing out of the room, in a proper, but hurried manner. She looked over the documents, and then pulled to the next when suddenly, the candle, her only source of light blew off by a sudden breeze. She simply lifted her head, lighting it once more before turning in her seat. There she saw tall blonde boy, maybe a few years older then her own with chocolate brown eyes. One look and she recognized him.
"You are Sabo, of the Rebel Army, am I correct?"
"Yes. How did you know I was here?"
"There was a 78% chance that someone was in here after the candle blew our suddenly."
"I see."
"You want to capture me, an correct?"
"You picked that up fast."
"Your side has been losing the wars so far. It is understandable to go after me. That is why I set a trap, right where you are standing." The boy looked under his foot curiously and the back towards the girl who know held a button in her hand. "All I need to do to activate it, I'd press this button."
"You already knew this would happen?" Sabo asked.
"Yes. Even if this is the Marine's campsite. There was an 82%, that a man of your skill, working alone, would be able to sneak in here with ease. That's why I created the trap to stop you. I knew you would be the the Revolutionary Army would send seeing as you were nearby. If you make a move, I will press this button and activate my trap. Even if you somehow managed to get past it by some miracle, I would have already called for backup. By then, dozens of marines would have already lined up inside and everyone outside would be informed of your appearance. If it comes down to that, I calculate that you have a 23% chance of escaping if that happens. Or how can leave now. Pick that and you will have an 89% chance of making it out." The girl kept that same expressionless look in her eyes as she stared into Sabo's chocolate brown eyes. The blonde seemed to have an amused smirk on his face despite the situation he was currently in.
"I see. You're name doesn't do you justice. You really are Bloom, the Sacred Tactician. The lead every battle without a single loss. You're more brilliant than I thought. And you're so young. It actually makes you more amazing."
"You're empty compliments mean nothing."
"It's not empty. I actually meant it. This is when you say thank you."
"Complimenting me is a waste of time. Stop stalling. Leave or get captured."
"Well, looks like I'm beat." He sighed dropping his arms in front of his depressed. "He isn't going to like this. Ugh!! He isn't going to like this at all!!"
"You don't show much do you?" Sabo asked.
"You have 10 more seconds before I call in the guards."
"Okay, okay. I think I'll take this opportunity you e given me. But, one thing." Her silence told him that she was listening to whatever he was about to say or ask. "Why did are you letting me go? You know who I am."
"I was told of no order to capture."
"That's it."
"That is all." She answered with that same fade causing Sabo to chuckle lightly.
"And here I thought you started to like me."
"You are foolish to think that. I simply preform my job and follow the orders I am given. I am not saving you for no other reason."
"You've been here all your life, haven't you?"
"What does that have to do with this situation."
"Nothing. I just think you could use a breather in the outside world for a bit."
"I do not understand what you mean by 'outside world'? Is this not the world? I've been outside this tent before. Elaborate." She ordered causing the male to blink his eyes a few times before bursting out laughing so hard he clenched his stomach. "Why are you making that noise?"
"You really are something else."
"Are you trying to distract me with pointless conversation?"
"Can't I talk?"
"No." She answered causing him to chuckle again.
"I understand. I'll leave." Sabo turned his back to her but before even walking away he stopped momentarily. Her face remained the same but in her mind she was questioning why he paused. The blonde turned his head to look back at her as she waited for an explanation. "Do you see me as an enemy?"
"You are not my enemy until you stand against me on the battlefield." She answered.
"Do you believe in what they do?"
"I only complete my tasks."
"Do you like being with them?"
"Like is an irrelevant variable." She answered again which for some strange reason brought the smallest hint of a smirk to the male's lips which she did catch sight of.
"Then, why do you fight for the marines?"
Just like that, the candle was blown out again but a light breeze, and when she relit the flame, Sabo was gone almost like he was never there in the first place. She looked where he once stood momentarily before turning her head back to her desk.
"11% chance they will try again." She mumbled to herself before throwing the button in her hand on the floor and stepping on it, crashing the device to pieces. "Bluff. Success."
"Bloom!" The Vice Admiral known as Cancer, who was also her personal guard, called walking inside her tent. "Are you alright? I thought I heard voices."
"There is no one else here."
"If you say so. Don't you think it's time to sleep? It's getting late."
"I will sleep in 25 minutes and 14 seconds. In the morning the Revolutionaries will retreat and this battle will be over."
"How do you know?"
"76% chance." Bloom replied only confusing the marine further. He didn't quite understand why she said that number but decided not to question it.
"You are the expert." He said before walking out of the room. Once he was gone, she looked back at her papers, lifting her pencil to start to write but before pen met paper, she froze. Her mind went back to earlier, to her encounter with Sabo. Her blue eyes kept staring at the paper but she only thought about the question be asked before leaving. Then, why do you fight for the marines?
"I do not...understand...the question."

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