Untitled Part 2

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Huisang got ready for bed because he had school tomorrow.

He had 2 more months of school left until summer break.

He wants his crush to ask him out to the spring dance but he knows that will never happen.

His crush doesn't even know him that well.

Cheng only knows Huisang as Wuxian best friend.

Huisang has tried to get Cheng attention and nothing works.

Huisang was sitting down thinking about how he would get his crush attention.

He went to talk to him and well Cheng was talking to some girl.

Huisang walked to his locker.

Wuxian went to talk to him.

Wuxian was wearing all black like usually .

Despite his appearance he's chaotic good.

Wangji was with him.

How Huisang envy his friend relationship.

"What are you thinking about ."Said Wangji.

"I know that look he's thinking about  Cheng, ew what do you see in him . "Said Wuxian.

"He's so handsome, funny, and those arms. "Said Huisang.

"Ew . "Said Wuxian.

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