Orlando Bloom

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Since it is Orlando Bloom's birthday I thought I make a fan fiction about it in My Actors Imagines ~~ Happy 38 th Birthday Orlando ~~

While you're boyfriend Orlando for 17 years  was shooting for an upcomming movie you had planned a suprise birthday party for his 38 th birthday ~ You had decorated the aparment , invited his and you're friends, wrapped up his presents and baked the cake and made dinner. You where really nervuos since you also had one big suprise to tell him.. And that was that you where 2 months preagnant with his child. 

Suddently you're phone buzzed signaling that you had a text from him.. On the text it said " Just finished with the scene and I will come home , Love you and can't waite to see you again.. Lots of kisses and hugs". You smiled and replied " okay, can't waite."

The guests had began arriving, some of his co actors and actresses where there to celibrate his birthday and they all had gifts with them. One of his best friends looked out the window and saw that his car was moveing towards the drive way and he whisperd " Find a place to hide he is comming " And everybody hurried to find a place to hide and you walked towards the door to greet him. 

You opend the door and he smiled, went up to you and kissed you on the lips. You smiled and huged him tight and whisperd " Happy Birthday My love". He smiled and you both went inside. After he had taken his jacket and shoes off you lead him into the living room witch was very dark at the moment

. Then you switched the lights on and everybody sprang up from their hiding places and yelled " HAPPY 38 TH BIRTHDAY ORLANDO!!!! ~ "  He was shell schoked and then after some minuts he smiled and small tears gattherd in his eyes.  He said " Thank you all for this, I love you all. " 

Then you went into the kitchen and carried out the dinner and you all ate and had a good time. Lots of laughter and chats was to be heard everywhere. Then after the dinner you carried the dishes inside with help from a friend of you'rs. And she helped you carry out the presents and the birthday cake. 

After eating the cake and more chatting he began to open up the gifts he had gotten. Then you took a glass in you're hand and gave it a small pling sound and everyone was quiet  and all the attention was on you.

You smiled and began to say " Well, I just want to say that I have a huge suprise for the both of us. Orlando, Im 2 months preagnant with you're child. "  When he heard that he was so happy and so shocked that he began to cry happy tears. They all " awwed" at him. 

He went to you and carefully hugged you and whispered to you're stomach " Hi my unborn son or daugther . Im you're father and I love you so much . I swear on my life that I will protcet you the best that I can. "  He looked up at you and gave you a long kiss. And after that he said " This is the best birthday ever !!" 

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