Him and the project.

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(This photo above is of Ryan)
To me and my friends it's just him we don't have a code name for Ryan Adams, my true love, it's just him. Ryan is the same age as me. We have the same home room and same schedule. We're both leaders too...., 6 years old but there's a big difference between our leadership. He's the quarterback of the North High Eagles football team and the baseball team, also he's captain of the hockey team. I'm the Editor of the school yearbook, editor of the school newspaper and magazine, and class president. I somehow manage to juggle all of the things. I'm smart, I even want to be part of the FBI. He's pretty smart as well. He gets all A's with the occasional B. (Yes, I've hacked into the grade program to see his grades..) My friends like Gwen and Rachel find me a little obsessed. I say I'm passionate about the subject in hand, but Ryan is to me like a Barbie dol6-year-old. We talk, well only when we're forced to. We sit near each other in lunch, we take the bus together, and we walk to our homes together. We're neighbors so we also see each other after school, at the monthly barbecue, and at the park. So anyway that's about him.

I walked into school this morning and he was standing at my locker. This is a first, I looked around to see if anyone else was there that he was talking to but no. Just him, now I was concerned. He moved aside as I opened my locker.

"Hello, Lucas." He said.                                                                                  

"Morning Ryan." This was weird, I was kinda freaked out.                                                                            

"I need a favor." He said. What did he want? Oh, I know. He's the average jock so he probably wants me to do his homework for him, or tutor him before finals. Then I remembered he's an honors student so that must not be it. 

"What do you want Ryan?" I ask with a little annoyance in my tone.                                                     

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner on the final project in tech class?" Oh yeah I forgot the final project. Most of the time I would just work by myself, but sadly we're forced to have a partner. The assignment was pretty complicated to. We had to design a functioning website or robot. We could chose either one. I want to create the website. Ryan probably wants to create a robot.            

"Sure I'll work with you, but what do you want to make?" I ask him. Already knowing the answer to the question.                                                                                                                                                              

"I was thinking the robot," oh no,"at first,b ut then I thought a website was cooler." Yes! He wants to make a website. I felt so excited, my heart was racing, and I was amazed. I tried my best to keep down my excitement. I don't think I succeeded.                                                                                                    

"Ok, when should we start?" I asked him. He looked at me surprised, astonished, and I don't think he believed me.                                                                                                                                            

"Wait, so you're saying that you'll be my partner?" He asked.                                                                  

"Isn't that what ok means?" I asked him back. He had his classic smile on his face. The classic, sparkling, hot, and incredible smile shines as the jock looks at me.

"Yeah, I guess it does. So why don't we start after school today I'll drive you to my place." 

Wait did he just invite me over to his place? Was I really going over to Ryan Adams house?                        
"Ok I'll meet you in the parking lot at 2:15, ok?" I told him. I couldn't believe this. I had a yearbook meeting after school, but I decided to skip it. My team could go without me for a day.
"Sweet I'll see you then." He replied. He walked off and I was in shock so much had happened, in such a short amount of time. I couldn't wait till after school.

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