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I was running in the hallway catching my breath as i know im doomed again.

I looked at my wrist watch and gasp.

"shoot it's 8:50 am" i almost curse knowing im late again. Our class starts in 8:30 am and im damn late for almost 30 minutes?? Im pretty sure everyones eyes will be on me again later.

Atleast rowoon's eyes will look at me too right, ehe.

"kim hyeyoon, you are late again" a woman shouted at the back, i turned back to see who's the person calling my name.

It was miss seo our Adviser, she was late too aha!

I smiled as i saw here.

"maam! You are also late" i smiled and replied as i saw her smirk and patted my head.

"focus on your study hyeyoon" she said, i nodded and walked first. She's going give me a Lecture again because of my grades.

As soon as i open the door of our classroom i saw how my classmates was all busy doing their own business.

I smiled as i saw rowoon focusing on his paper while playing with his pen.

"hyeyoonieeee" bora welcomed me with a hug as soon as i sat on my favorite seat at the back of rowoon's seat!

"good morning" i whispered on rowoon i frowned as i didn't hear any reply from him, A cold treat from rowoon again.

"good morning class" as miss seo walked on our classroom the chariotic students became angels.

"today we are studying about.." miss seo started as everyone in the class started listening to her.


"hyeyoon" i heard Bora whisper, how dare she to distrub me from sleeping?!

"bora give me five minutes" i whispered.

"hyeyoon, rowoon is looking at you" she whispered again that made me wide awake as i tilted my head i saw my classmate looking at me, again.

"hyeyoon, HOW MANY TIMES DID I TOLD YOU TO STOP SLEEPING IN CLASS?!" miss seo shouted. Making me look at the floor.

"class dismissed, hyeyoon see me in my office now" miss seo said as she walked out in our classroom.

"i can't believe you have an audacity to have a crush on our top one when you don't even study" jiin said.

she was at the back of my seat together with hyewon.

"i can change tho" i replied.

"change? You always say that but you are not doing it" hyewon said. She's right- but studying so tiring.

"what are you waiting for go to miss seo's office!" bora said as she pushed me.

I took a deep breath and went out to our classroom, im doomed again.



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