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Laying in bed, I pondered what dreaming felt like.

Having your deepest desires come true while you were sleeping. People are usually ecstatic when telling you about the adventures that took place at night.

Wouldn't it be sad? Waking up from something you earned for so dearly? Getting ripped away from a fabricated world your brain created for you? Instead of happy shouldn't people feel dread or sorrow?

I've never been able to dream, maybe it's because my basic imagination skills were pushed deep down inside when I was little. I guess growing up too fast did have setbacks.

It wasn't my fault.

And i acknowledged that. While being born into this type of world wasn't exactly voluntary, it almost felt like I deserved it. Being thrown into this life was just a trial, a test that I had to complete. If not I would end up like my parents.

I've never lived in a normal household. Growing up was lessons on strategy, classes on fighting, and learning to be strong. Rarely did I have tea parties, pillow fights, or sleepovers. I was busy all day, training.

I was lucky to meet Jeremy when I was young, because none of the other children would come near me.

"Hello darling! Look who I have. I brought you a friend!" Father looked down at me with soft emotions in his eyes. His mood being heightened after the recent mission was uplifting mine aswell.

A small smile descended on my lips,  "What's a friend, Father?" I was confused but anxious. Father's happy mood was consoling though. A friend was a good thing.

His eyes flickered in another emotion i couldn't decipher, it wasn't as happy as before. "A friend is family, my girl, someone you can trust and always rely on." His grin spoke.

A new family member? Why did we need more? A new recruit maybe?-

My wondering thoughts were ignored when a young boy came in the front door. He was my age, far too young for the gang. My defenses were awakened, i stepped back a foot. A child? Like me? I've never seen someone my size and age before.

"it's okay, Darling, this is uncle Stevey's son!" Uncle Stevey? Father's partner? He turned to The big brown-eyed boy, "She's wary around others, why don't you introduce yourself?"

A small giggle escaped the other child's mouth, "Hello! I'm Jeremy, I'm 5 years old and I like cars." His smile was small but cute.

So this boy will be my friend? Someone I can talk to? Play with? My whole tiny body relaxed, "i'm-"

"I already know your name, your father told me." He interrupted.

"Oh! Well, I like cars aswell! Also, look! I lost a tooth!"

I don't know how my father knew, but that friend turned out to be the only person who understood the real me.

A knock at my door broke me out of my daze.

"Come in" I stated nonchalantly.

The boy I was reminiscing about practically waltzed in my room.

I looked him up and down, he still looked the exact same from when he was a child. Of course he grew a lot taller, and his voice got significantly deeper, but those brown eyes still held the innocence. Unlike mine.

"Hi, Jer, what's going on?"

"Nothing, honestly,  I just wanted to check up on you. The gang hasn't seen you for a couple hours now, they're restless." He plopped down on my bed, beside me.

While he looked at the roof i took the chance to look at him. His adams apple was more noticeable today.. his eye lashes a lot longer than I remembered aswell..

Wait- what am I thinking about? Jesus.

"Restless? I never trained these men to become restless just because their boss was locked in her room for a couple hours." I scoffed.

The boy beside me laughed. Hard.

"Hey! What are you laughing at, this is serious!" I hit his shoulder.

"You always look so angry, boss. It's quite funny sometimes." He giggled again.

Well that kinda hurt my ego.

"And you're always acting immature, but you don't see me laughing at you!" I fought back.

Weak, what kind of comeback was that?

"I'm in pain, boss, truly." He improvised sarcastically.

"I-" the warning alarms went off.

That was a lot quicker than expected.

"They're here. Get everyone ready and calm, Jeremy." I grabbed my guns from the closet.

I should've been more prepared. I smacked my head with the palm of my hand.

"Get it together." I told myself.

Tonight was going to be a long one...


A/N: i'm so sorry for the late lattee update! I've been procrastinating big time with my writing. I am positive I will be posting more frequently!
I appreciate all of the support I've gotten from close friends and all the readers here. Seriously, you mean the world to me. Thank you. -Dani

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