Chapter 42-Be The Change

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I open the door and help Sullivan into the car before closing it and rushing around to my side. After climbing in and turning on the car we all drive off. Since Derek is off tonight we have other security following after us and they cut off Derek to get behind us. Matthias, the ever punctual Matthias, is not going to be happy that I'm late. Well I'm not late but I'm not on time, does that make sense? It does to me so whatever. I grab Sullivan’s hand while cutting people off without a care in the world.

“Are you making a speech?” He asks curiously and I look at him before looking back at the road.

“Just an introduction speech. Not a real big one, but Matthias is. He’s the main person behind the charity so he uses me for my connection and ability to bring in more people.” I chuckle and he smiles.

“So why is he so passionate about this thing?” He asks making me frown.

“Lane, he didn’t have a good childhood and once Matthias found out he was determined to help kids going through the same thing Lane did. I don’t really know what happened to Lane. Matthias would get choked up whenever he tried to talk about it and Lane doesn’t like talking about it.” I explain softly and he nods slowly.

“It’s about the scar on his chest?” He asks and I nod with a sigh.

“I'm guessing that’s the smallest part of what he went through. So how did you like the new manuscripts?” I ask to change the subject while squeezing his hand.

“They were great babe! I really should have you read them to me though. That would be really sexy.” He says huskily making me smirk.

“I'm almost done with the new batch, we can read them together. Role play is fun.” I say making him blush but nod.

“When are we going to the club again?” He asks excitedly making me laugh.

“We can go this weekend.” I say making him nod quickly before looking out the window with a large smile.

The rest of the drive is made in a comfortable silence. When we turn the last corner Sullivan whistles at all the flashes going off and the packed street. I sigh and curse under my breath. The line of cars move slowly as guests climb out and the valet go to park the car. It takes about 10 minutes just to go down half the block but when we get there I sigh in relief.

“Don’t move baby.” I say before climbing out.

Walking around the car I smile at the flashing cameras quickly before opening Sullivan’s door. He grabs my hand and I help him out the car as the cameras go crazy and questions get thrown from every direction. Wrapping my arm around his waist I lead him down the dark blue carpet, Lane’s favorite color towards the doors. He keeps a small smile on his face and I can tell he's not completely comfortable with all the attention.

“Mr. Vheris can we get a pose with Mr. Delaney?” A photographer asks and I look down at Sullivan with a raised brow.

“What the hell, why not.” He mumbles making me chuckle.

“Sure.” I nod and pull Sullivan in front of me before wrapping my arms around his waist. “Make a fish face baby.” I whisper and he chuckles but nods.

We both make a fish face making everyone laugh and awe before I nod and pull Sullivan away. When we get to the door I look back and wait as Silas and Derek make their way over. Silas is beet red and Derek is hovering over his protectively.  When they reach us we continue inside the large hotel and into the ball room. My eyes scan the room quickly and I spot my family with Sullivan’s by the table.

“They’re over here.” I say and lead everyone over. Rebel looks up in his black tux and shining eyes.

“Damn bro, you clean up nice.” He says and I smile.

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