Chapter 42-Be The Change

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Not exactly what it looks like but close. It's a bit feminine yes but it doubles as a necklace and collar for both the BDSM club and everyday public life and shiz. ---->

Chapter 42

Be The Change

Rowan’s POV

“Okay baby, look down.” I say softly and he quickly drops his hands before his eyes widen.

“Holy shit.” He whispers while looking down in shock making me chuckle.

“Do you like it?” I ask nervously and he looks at me with watery eyes.

“I l-love it Rowan.” He says tearfully and I smile at him.

“I want you to wear it tonight. You can hide it with your tux but just knowing that you’re wearing it makes me feel better.” I say and take the necklace/collar from the box.

“I'm not hiding it under my tux babe. I'm leaving it out.” He says strongly and I beam at him while walking around him before clasping the necklace around his slender neck.

He pulls up the collar of his tux and I tuck the chain under it before smoothing the shirt back into place. I turn him around and fix the tag that sits right under his bow-tie. It’s simple and thick silver chain with a thick black HIS written across the tag. Sullivan pulls me down by the lapels of my jacket and presses our lips together softly, making me smile and wrap my arms around his tiny waist.

“Guys, come on!” Silas whines making us both chuckle.

“Let’s go baby.” I say and slide my hand into his before leading him out the bedroom.

Silas looks between us with narrowed eyes before blushing when I wink at him. We each grab one of his arms and help him down the stairs after I grab his crutches. When we reach the bottom I put the straps of his crutches back around Silas’s elbows before letting him go. I watch worriedly as he hobbles over to the breakfast bar as Sullivan grabs his wallet.

“You look fantastic.” Derek says in his classic black tux after walking over to Silas who blushes bright red.

“Y-y-you l-look sexy.” He says before smacking his hand over his mouth. “I meant ugly! N-no, not ugly um, nice.” Silas groans as Sullivan and I exchange a knowing look as Derek beams at Silas.

“Thank you, it seems you’re my date tonight.” Derek says as I walk over to Sullivan who is watching both blushing men closely.

“Yes he is and now we have to go because we’re going to be late.” I say and everyone nods before we leave the apartment.

“The event starts at 6:30 right?” Sullivan asks while checking his watch.

“Yes it does. I was supposed to be there at 6 but everyone knows that I suck at being on time.” I say and he chuckles.

“This is true.” He says softly as the elevator opens and we step out into the parking garage.

“Derek and Silas, you guys can go in the SUV. Derek you stay by Silas, if he needs to pee you go to the bathroom with him, if he gets thirsty you get him a drink, if he gets tired or a headache you take him home. Understand?” I say sternly and he nods once.

“Yes sir.” He says and I pull my car keys out my pocket.

“Silas don’t push yourself. If you feel bad I want you to tell Derek. You don’t hide it because that’s going to make it worse. Understand?” I ask worriedly while lifting his head as he looks down.

“I understand Rowan.” He mumbles with a small smile.

“Good, now let’s go.” I say and grab Sullivan’s hand as Derek leads Silas to the SUV.

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