Monica Miller has always been too curious for her own good, she was almost as curious as a Gryffindor, and the thought made her shudder but she couldn't stop her curiousity. At all.

"Ms. Miller, it's getting late. I suggest you just... borrow those books." Madame Pince sniffed, as though she would die if the books were brought away from the library, she looked at the clock and saw it was almost curfew. She nodded and stuffed the 6 books in about Potter and his family in her large bag. She was going to finish reading tomorrow, the tournament would start early tomorrow and there was no way in Azkaban was she gonna miss it.


"10 galleons; Potter'll be in fourth place." Daphne said smugly and Monica snorted, she hasn't read much about the Potter's but she does know enough to know that they are usually competitive and always prepare, no matter how much she hated Potter, she had to give it to him and his family

"You're on. I say he's first." she said and the Slytherin's around her looked at her incredulously before laughing causing the whole stadium to got quiet,

"What you don't believe me? Fine! If I win, each and everyone of you will give me ten galleons, If I lose I'll give you guys 10." she said with a smirk, she glanced down at the arena and could have sworn that she saw a floating wand,

"Deal." Draco Malfoy said smugly and the Slytherin's nodded in agreement. The other people, not knowing what was happening and thinking it was a Slytherin thing (which it was), went back to their own doings. 


"WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! I'M FILTHY RICH!" Monica screamed in delight, it was dinner time and all the Slytherin's were giving her the galleons they owed her,

"Ms. Miller, would you want me to cast a charm on your bag?" Professor Dumbledore asked and she nodded, her money was falling out of her bag by now. He flicked his wand at her bag and it immediately became lighter (Undetectable Extension Charm)

"Thank you, Headmaster." she said gratefuly before continuing to collect her money, the other students from other houses and schools were staring at the Slytherin's in shock, while other's were staring at the money

"Oi! GOYLE! YOU BASTARD! Where's your ten galleons?!" Monica asked making Goyle shriek like a little girl and run out of the Great Hall,

"What in Merlin's name was that?" Pansy asked in her annoying voice and Monica shrugged,

"I'll deal with him later. And- Hey! Wait! I'm missing another 10- oh wait. I'm not going to pay myself." she said while blushing wildly, Draco put an arm around her shoulder and pinched her cheeks making her growl,

"Get your arm off or loose it." Draco didn't even have time to remove his arm when Monica huffed and twisted it, he yelped and managed to wiggle out of Monica's grip. Draco glared as he massaged his shoulder but Monica only sent him an innocent smile.

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