Chapter 13

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"Right where should we go first?" I asked Ginny and Hermione as soon as we set foot in Hogsmead.
"Okay so I've got a plan, we go get our dresses then we can do something else" Ginny suggested. I thought that was a brilliant plan because I needed to get some ink.
"Let's do that but the question is, where do we start looking for dresses?" Hermione said stating the obvious.
"Oh I saw this really cool looking dress shop next to that shop that sells ink, books and quills. I have no clue what it's called though" Ginny said excitedly.
"Great lets go there" Hermione said. And then we went in search of what we hoped would be the perfect shop for us.

After a while of looking we finally found the shop. It looked promising, it had many beautiful dresses in the display windows, the outside of the shop was decorated with different colour paint swirled in a variety of patterns. I pushed open the door and I heard a bell ring which signaled a customer walking into the shop. We went in to see tons of dresses on hangers in open cupboards that aligned the walls. In one corner of the room there was a door that said CHANGE ROOMS on it in big, bold black writing.
"Right we should get to work then, but maybe we should tell each other what we are looking for so if we come across one that we think meets someone else's requirements this can go a bit quicker. I'm looking for a long white dress" Hermione said
"I want a short black dress" Ginny said
"I need to find a long grey or silver dress" I said
"Are you even allowed to do that, it's a black and white dance?" Ginny said looking surprised.
"Well I don't know but I just thought that I'm a bit dark and light and anyway what's the worst that can happen?" I said shrugging.
"That is true, what's the worst that can happen? Okay let's go" Hermione said and we all went in search for our dresses. I took the right wall, Ginny took the left wall and Hermione took the back wall.

We shopped tirelessly in that place for about an hour before anyone found anything. I was going through each dress carefully when I found a short black dress squashed in between a long red one and a long white one.
"Ginny, Hermione?" I said and they turned to walk towards me.
"Yeah" they both said
"I think I found your dresses" I said holding them up in front of me "go try them on"
They rushed over to the change rooms and I took a seat in one of the chairs that was placed in front of the change rooms. Soon after they opened their doors and I gasped. Ginny's dress was a figure hugging short black dress with pleats at the strapless top and a band that was just under the pleated part of it.
Hermione's was a long and white, fitted at the top and there was a band at her waist. From the waist down there were loose ruffles.
"You guys are definitely getting those, you both look wonderful" I said truthfully.
"Sam you brilliant child you" Ginny said coming over to hug me "thanks for finding me this dress, I'm going to buy it right now" she said walking over to he lady at the desk who had payed us no attention what so ever when we walked in.
"Truly Sam thank you so much, I never would have found one if it wasn't for you" hermione said twirling around and then also went to go pay I laughed, they hadn't even changed out of their dresses and they were already at the till. I stopped laughing at the realization that I still didn't have a dress.

"How about this one" Hermione asked for the billionth time.
"No that's terrible" I said to the last grey/silver dress in the store "you know what, you guys can go and do your own thing. When I'm done buying my ink I'll call you and we can maybe go to another shop, okay?" I said weakly.
"Are you sure Sam?" Ginny asked
"Don't worry I'll find one" I said with a smile but inside I was like
What am I going to do?
"Okay, bye" they said and exited the shop. I left the shop too and went to the shop next door which sold ink, books, quills and a few other things. I opened the door t be welcomes by the smell of pages and a yellow glow was cast over the whole shop. Shelves upon shelves, stacks upon stacks of books were piled high. Their were different section that separated the many genres, I even laid eyes on a muggle book collection. I was about to make my way their to browse when a voice spoke.
"Hello young lady, may I be of any assistance?" He asked kindly in a soft voice. I turned to look at the source, it was an old man with the glasses just at the tip of nose. He had grey hair and had light brown eyes.
"No thank you sir, I'm sure I'll be fine" I said with a smile. I walked past him going deeper into the library/shop completely surrounding myself with books, ink and quills. There were a few other things such as parchment and there was even muggle pens and pencils. I walked over to the muggle book section, intrigued at what they might have in stock. It was pretty tall and very wide. The shelf was stacked with many wonderful muggle book like Oliver Twist, The Phantom of the Opera, The Secret Garden, Romeo and Juliet and many more classic novels. I reach to take out Phantom of the Opera, I slipped it from the shelf to see someone through the gap that I had made by taking out the book. I laughed at my discovery.
"Fancy seeing you here" I said in a posh accent. He jerked his head up in confusion and then he saw me through the gap. He smiled after realizing it was me.
"Well what might a fine young lady such as yourself be doing at a book store and not out in search of her dress?" He asked in an equally posh voice.
"I could not find one that met my expectations" I said with my nose high in the air
"Well I'm sorry" he said but this time with his normal voice
"I wanted to stop and come back tomorrow because I hate shopping, but sadly I can't just come back tomorrow. So I have to go to another shop" I said "Draco what are you doing by a muggle book section?"
"After I got my suit and stuff I saw this place and it looked interesting so I went in. I saw this section and I was reminded of how much you liked muggle books, I wanted to see what you liked about them" he said
"When we get back you have to show me your suit" I said excitedly
"I will and you have to show me your dress, when you get it"
"If I ever find one" I said in a joking and sad tone.
"You will Mantha, I know you will. Maybe you just went to the wrong shop, oh I saw this really nice shop not far from here you should go there" he suggested. I thought about it for a while, it's probably better I go now. My ink and stuff can wait until later. I'll go call Hermione and Ginny and we can go together- no I don't want to bother them.
"I can come with you if you want, I don't mind" he said with a smile.
"Great, let's go" I said leaving my book down, I grabbed his hand and we went out of the shop.

"What about this one, it's silver, it's long and it's-" he said and as soon as he spoke I looked up to see the most beautiful dress in his hand.
"Perfect" I said finishing his sentence "it's perfect" I walked closer to him and take the dress out of his hands and examine it.
"You should go try it on" he said I looked him in the eye, his wonderful grey eyes. If it weren't for him I would have never gotten a dress.
"Yeah, I will" I said and walked to the change rooms. I went in and closed the door.


She went into the change rooms and I took a seat in front of the door, on a soft one seater couch. I put my elbows on my knees and sat my head on my knuckles. I waited for a few minutes before her voice spoke from inside the room.
"I'm coming out" she said and slowly the door opened to a nervous looking Mantha on the other side. She walked out and I saw her fully. My jaw dropped to the floor and most probably broke the floor boards under it. She wore a floor length silver dress, it was strapless and the top of it was figure hugging and showed off her thin waist. The bottom of the dress flowed until the floor, you couldn't see her feet. The whole dress was made of this beautiful material that I just couldn't describe. It was simple yet attention grabbing.
"Does it look that bad?" She asked tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear.
"You look" I couldn't find the words "have you seen yourself in the mirror?" I asked.
She shook her head. I stood up and lead her to the body length mirror. She looked at herself and smiled. Her smile made me happy, and when she is happy I am happy.
"Wow, it actually is really nice" she said to nobody in particular.
"You look beautiful Mantha, not nice. Beautiful" I said looking at her looking at herself.
"Draco I - I would have never found a dress without your help. Thank you so much for finding a dress. . .and calling me beautiful" she said and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and we didn't let go of each other for a while. But she eventually had o pay for the dress.

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