Silver Eyes

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Chapter 2
Your pov:
We arrived at Hogwart after a long train ride and I was still thinking about my house selection.

Hermione: Are you coming y/n?
We are going to the Great hall for the sorting ceremony .

Y/n: I'll catch you later I have to meet Mcgonagall to be sorted first.

Harry: Okay, we'll see you at the Gryffindor table , he said with a wink.

Y/n: Hopefully , I said with a smile.
Mcgonagall's office

Mcgonagall:Come in Miss.Blake

As I walked in I could feel my stress grow.

Mcgonagall :Lets make it quick ,she said while putting a strange hat on my head.

The hat started thinking and I could here him say,

Sorting hat: hummmm.. you have been through some rough days in the past, you are very brave but you also really want to make your mark I'll put you in...
Great Hall
I was relieved looking down on my red and yellow outfit , I walked into the great hall and every one stopped to look at me. I could see my friends happy faces looking at my Gryffindor outfit and some boys checking me out. Some of them where really cute one in particular at the hufflepuff table caught my eyes. As I sat down Harry and the other congratulated me .

Harry: I'm really glad you're a Gryffindor I guess I'll be seeing you more.

And he then winked at me.
I blushed and I looked over at the table in front of me, where green robes and ties were everywhere.While I did I locked eyes with someone and I felt glued to them. It was the blond guys from the train.He had those gorgeous grey eyes that made me want to get lost in them . As our eyes were interlocked I could feel my body shiver,I never knew I could want someone so badly. I didn't care about anything else all I wanted to do was to get up and go kiss him ,but ,before I could do a single thing, Hermione brought me back to reality.

Hermione:Y/n? Didn't you hear harry's question?

Y/n: uhhhhh....

Harry : I was wondering if you'd like to go for a walk ?

Y/n : what?..oh, sure!
Draco's pov:
I am so tired of all this bullshit. All of these stupid people with no talent. All of these girls with no interest . Sure some of them are pretty but none makes me actually feel somethings . They all throw theirself at me almost begging to be touched. They look like cats in heat. They are all the same, basic . The thoughts I was keeping for myself were quickly inturupted by Blaise sitting by my side.

Blaise: Fiewwwww....the new girl is smokinnnggg. I think I'm going to shoot my shot. Wouldn't mind having her in my bed...

Draco: Go ahead it's not like any girl can resist you anyway; I scoffed

Blaise: she does look like a hard one though.

Intrigued I looked but all I had time to see was some light brown hair going to the Gryffindor table .I let my eyes follow her to her table and when she finally sat down I gave her a proper look. My mouth shut closed. I felt like my lips were glued together as no sound was coming out of them.
She looked at me right in the eyes and we stayed that way for about 5 minutes. What the hell was I feeling. I don't get soft on stupid whores...But she wasn't one. She was it, the one that made me actually feel something. I needed her , I wanted her right now in my room, no matter where but I couldn't resist the urge. Her whole body made me sweat, her skin looked so soft, I wanted to feel it against mine. Her lips where so pink they would make roses jealous, I wanted to kiss them so badly. My bubble was burst when she got up with Potter to go I don't know where. I wanted to follow them but I resisted . I'll get her soon . That's a promise.
Ok so this sh*t is going fast and like I said I know it's pretty shitty in the beginning but it will be better in a few chapter ;)

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