Chapter 1

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London, 2014

"Oh, come on Tara," Mimi pleaded, bouncing up and down on her bed. They just got here and already Mimi was ready to go out.

After their long flight from New York and checking into their room, she finally got ready for bed, She was exhausted.

"Tara, its an opportunity of a life time!," Mimi emphasized.

Walking over to their yet unpacked luggage, Mimi started with Tara's clothes putting together an outfit.

Staring at Mimi, she knew there was no way she was going to get out of this.

Friends from when they were little, Mimi and Tara were inseparable, Mimi was always the one to go overboard, she was a wild child.

"Mimi!" Tara walked over to her friend and began putting away her clothes.

"Have you ever heard of jet lag?" Tara asked.

"If we sneak out tonight, you know Ms. Moore is going to have our tails. She's had it out for us since the 9th grade." Tara stressed.

Completely ignoring Tara, Mimi turned her around and placed a shirt in front of her friend.

"This with a pair black stretch jeans would look great, did you bring a pair?" Mimi looked up for an answer.

Before Tara could answer Mimi took off to find her own bags to give Tara a pair of Black Jeans.

Sighing Tara took the T-shirt and put it away, shaking her head at Mimi's incessant chatter.

Repacking her clothes, Tara refused.

"No, Mimi. We can't go. Or better yet, I can't go,"Tara pointed out.

"Why not?" Mimi frowned disappointed at Tara's decision.

That look Tara was beginning to get weary of formed on Mimi's face. With frustrated breathe she turned towards the other end of the room, turning to find Mimi bump right into her.

"Because Mimi, our High School graduation is two weeks away. I paid for my cap and gown that I intend to wear. Our pictures were taken and invitations were sent out for OUR graduation PARTY," Tara breathed.

"And?" Mimi waited.

"And! "what do you mean by And?, Mimi. If Ms. Moore catches us that's grounds for us not being able to assist our graduation," Tara Warned.

Both friend stared at each other for a while one contemplating the consequences and the other contemplating a scheme. It was useless, Tara thought, she wasted a perfect amount of oxygen trying to explain this to Mimi, and already Mimi had that look on her face.

Pure Mischief.

"Oh Tara!" Mimi Whined.

"So what if Ms. Moore catches us. We are done with school, we passed the 12th grade. Besides not everyone is going to attend the ceremony. This is our trip and we came here to have fun," Mimi shook Tara.

Before Tara spoke.

"Trust me, I have a feeling this is going to be great,"Mimi beamed before taking off to fix her own evening attire.

"Trust You, Mimi!" Tara scoffed .

"Mimi, The FEW times I trusted you, We were both grounded for sneaking off to a Pink's Concert, getting caught with false I.D's to a club, and throwing that party that got out of hand last summer," Tara blurted.

Mimi smiled impishly before straightening her face.

"How was I suppose to know that the party was going to be a hit?" Mimi frowned.

Tara felt as if her head was about to explode.

"Mimi, we nearly went to juvy," Tara pointed out.

"Well, we didn't right?" Mimi smiled.

Yea, she thought. Every time Mimi, Carl and Andrew got together there was a crazy plan to do something.

And that something was always punishment at the end.

She wouldn't be surprised if Andrew and Carl were in on this as well.

Thinking on Mimi's word, she sighed. It was their graduation trip, and they were going off to college. Making a pact to stay together, they applied at the same college in N.Y .

Sad brown eyes stared desperately back at her.

"Ok, I'll go," Tara breathed.

Hopping up and down with excitement Mimi continued to look for an outfit for Tara.

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