43: Right here, with you.

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Mahir's Pov:

         Whole house seemed quite, as it was late at night. Making my way upstairs, I went towards my room. She must have fallen asleep. Yet again, I won't be able to talk to her...

         Quietly twisting the door knob, I entered the room only to find the room dimly lit and among that vague brightness, I found her sitting by the side of bed, I could listen to her loud breaths as I comprehended by the vague look of her, she was shivering.

"Aayat!" I almost screamed her name loudly as I ran towards her, throwing away my work bag. As I reached her, I knelt down besides her. 

        And then I saw, her horrified face profusely sweating as her eyes were sat somehwere in the distance, the tears glowing under the golden light as if they were gold beads. Her throbbing lips pushed tightly against each other as her hands were held over her folded knees to her chest, as if she was trying to stop her shivering, failing to do so.

"Aayat!" This time I said in a low tone as my hands quickly held her shivering ones, which were as cold as ice, as if not having any blood flow in them.

And upon my touch, she came out of her trance with a jerk, as she almost yelled,

"Abba..Abba..I saw him.. Abba.."

Her eyes looked at me like a child as she kept blabbering the same words again and again. She was having nightmares..

I squeezed her hand gently as I tried to make her understand,

"Aayat, get yourself together.. it was just a dream."

"Noo!" She replied angrily, her eyes reciprocating her denial.

Ya Allah, what is she going through. What else has she been hiding from the world? What punishment she had been giving herself throughout this time?

'But when you will start to spent your life with her, you will notice that deep down there is this other side to her.
And that side is so fragile, so sensitive that it can be broke in just a second.' the words once said by Saeed uncle rang in my ears, as I looked at her wrecked state, her eyes blinking continuously as she stared at me, as if wanting me to believe her.

Indeed she wasn't as strong as she looked from outside, as her father said, she had that fragile side to her that has been broken.

Without thinking for a second, I held her cheeks that were burning from heat, she has high fever.

        I wiped away the warm tears that stained those pale cheeks as I mumbled,

"Aayat.. just try to listen to m--"

"No....no..no..no..no..no" she cried this time so hard that she developed hiccups, as she held her hands over mine and cried closing her eyes, and what I did was watched her break as I had never felt so helpless in my entire life.

        Her swollen eyes opened as her lips parted and she said between the hiccups,

"I--i saw him in my room---we -- I was with-- with him--we--we were sitting and talking with each other--- he --he was laughing-- he seemed so... So ALIVE... And then all of a sudden-- he--he disappeared---

I ran-- Mahir-- I ran outside--only to find darkness everywhere--and-- and then I found him-- he---he was standing on the edge--of stairs

I--- I screamed and screamed-- I told him to step back-- but he didn't listen to me-- I couldn't see where the stairs were going too--- I wasn't in my home anymore Mahir---  it was so cold back there...

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