Chapter 4

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Ivey-Rose's POV

Johnny sat there on the floor holding his jaw, I looked like it hurt really bad.

"I sorry Johnny, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry." Dally said turning around to look at Johnny properly.

"See Dally!? Imagine if you did this to Rosie! If she was young enough it could kill her! That's why I don't trust you! And to think I was going to forgive you!? I may not live in this house but get out of the room now!!!" I yelled pointing at the door.

Imagine if he did lash out at Rosie, she could be killed, or brain damaged, just because Dally can't get his way he has to hit people. He's a coward, and has to get out of his problems by running away or fighting, he can't just be a civil adult and sort it out like any normal person.

Then again, he's not normal, he's Dallas Winston.

Dally looked at me and sighed before storming off out of the room, he obviously didn't leave because I didn't hear the door slam, Soda came n with some ice for Johnny's face. I grabbed my clothes, taking this as an opportunity to go and get dressed.

I put on my white and red checkered blouse and knotted it at the front before putting on my high-waisted shorts. Most girls would wear skirts and dresses, but I'm not like most girls.

I walked out of the bathroom and back into the lounge where everyone seemed to be at this moment, it looked like Johnny had forgiven Dally for punching him in the jaw, gosh I wish I was that forgiving, but then again, I do hate Dally.

The only seat left appeared to be in between Soda and Dally, or the floor, but Two-Bit was basically doing a starfish while watching Mickey Mouse so that was out of the option.

I sat down in between the boys, closer to Soda than Dally. The whole room was quiet, except for the sound of Mickey Mouse coming through the speakers on the TV.

"Well don't you look nice today Ivey?" Dally said, scooting a little closer.

I shot him a glare, moving closer to Soda who put his arm around me in a protective way. Dally smirked at us before carrying on with his idioticness. (that isn't a word I just made it up completely.)

Dally moved closer and placed his hand on my knee. Soda must've felt me tense up because he quickly stepped in to save me.

"Dally, get you hand off her knee, she obviously doesn't want you touching her." He said through gritted teeth.

Dally quickly removed his hand from my knee. After a fee minutes of an awkward silence a question came into my mind.

"Hey Dally, where's Rosie?" I asked looking at him.

"She's with Two-Bits sister, she supposedly 'absolutely adores Rosie,' according to Two-Bit and she offered to look after her today." He said. I nodded at his answer.

"Hey Soda, you and Steve work at the DX station right?" He nodded in reply.

"So that's where I recognized you from, my friend dragged me down there a couple of times so she could come and try to flirt with you two, its quite funny because she can't flirt it all comes out mumble jumbled." I said smiling slightly.

He laughed a little before replying.

"Yeah, I think I might know who you mean, do you always hang out by the magazines while she's there?" I nodded.

"Yep, I know who you are." I smiled at him.

"Steve and I have work later on, you want to come and maybe help out, it'll get you it of the house for a little bit?"

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