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i remember tears streaming down your face when you said i'll never let you go

SAFE AND SOUND ~i remember tears streaming down your face when you said i'll never let you go

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hey princess

nicknames huh?

i got even more


my love

wow vinnie

wait i forgot your
can i just call you

smooth vinnie, real

thank you, i try

the conversationg went on and on.

a week later

"vinnie please come over and bring a ton of clothes. im worried about milo. she hasnt come out of her room and she hasnt eaten. please stay a few nights" avani cried over the phone to vinnie.
"hey hey, its okay ill be there in about 5 minutes"
"thank you" avani said just before hanging up.

avani was worried. very worried because her bestfriend hasnt come out of her room once and she also hasnt eaten since vinnie was last there.

after about 10 minutes, he finally showed up and ran upstairs.

i ran into her room and saw her peacefully sleeping. god she looked so skinny right now.

i sat next to her, easily waking her up.

"hey what are you doing here?" she said with a raspy voice.
"milo" i said sadly.
"why arent you taking care of yourself?"
"im fine vinnie" she said while rolling to the other side.

i rolled her back over and pulled her close to me.

"milo please. dont do this to yourself. amelie needs you and avani needs you. they need you... i need you milo"
"please milo, take care of yourself. so many people love you and if we lose you... if i lose you then i will fall apart"

i heard her small sniffles as i pulled her closer so her head rested on my chest and my arms wrapped around her small waist.

"i cant lose you" i whispered.

she continued to let her tears roll down until it went silent. i looked down to see her peacefully slepeing like an angel again. i love her. shes so perfect and amazing. of course i cant tell her that or else i will get rejected and i cant handle that right now.

her arm lazily draped over my stomach while the other was under me so her arms were wrapped around my torso. i smiled as her grip got tighter and she pulled herself closer to my body. i moved a stray piece if hair away from her face as her head slowly moved up and down in the pattern of my breathing. i kissed the top of her head and slowly closed my eyes, keeping my grip tight.

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