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"WHAT? NOOO!" Leo yelled. He and Hunter have been playing Ark: Survival Evolved all day and a Therazinosaur just spawned in front of Leo and decided to kill him. Hunter laughed and carried Leo back to where he died on his argentavis. 
"You're just learning, it's okay," Hunter laughed as Leo collected his things. The two made a local game on Hunter's Playstation so then he can teach Leo how to play in person. 
"But that one hurt more than the others!" Leo whined and got his things. 
"Yes. The bigger the carnivores get, the more they hurt," Hunter explained and watched from his argy. 
"What's that?" Leo asked and looked down the beach. Hunter looked at his side of the screen.
"Oh fuck. Nuh-uh. Not dealing with that. That's an allosaur and they really hurt," Hunter said as he grabbed Leo and started the fly back to their base. 
"Can we tame one?" Leo asked and looked at Hunter. 
"Maybe later on into the game to make sure that we've got enough tranq arrows but yeah. It would help protect the base," Hunter said as they landed. 
"Can we get wolves too?!" Leo asked as he heard the direwolves howl in the distance. 
"Sure! The baby ones are super cute. High maintenance but cute," Hunter said as Leo's phone started to ring. Speaking of high maintenance. 
"Hello?" Leo answered the phone. It's his girlfriend that Hunter hates. She's a complete control freak and hates when Leo's with other people, especially when she's not with him. 
"Don't hElLo me. Where are you?" She asked. 
"Still at Hunter's? Why?" Leo asked as he landed. 
"Do you know what time it is? You said you'd be back home an hour ago. We were supposed to watch a movie," She said and didn't sound happy. Actually, she sounded royally pissed. 
"Oh, I'm sorry, we lost track of time but look! I'm going to send you pictures of dinos that I tamed all by myself! I have a dimorphodon, which is the first one. He can ride on your shoulder! And the second is a raptor! She came running at me and I shot her right in the face," Leo said excitedly and sent her the pictures. 
"I don't care about your stupid dinos. When you say you're going to be somewhere at a certain time you HAVE to be there," She huffed at Leo. 
"Oh," Leo said and Hunter's chest ached at the level of hurt in Leo's voice, "We'll wrap up here then and I'll head home," Leo said. 
"Good," She said and hung up the phone. 
"I think the dinos are cool. And you gotta get rid of her man. I know that that sounds insensitive but she's hurting you. You don't need the bad vibes. She's a walking cloud of hydrogen sulfide," Hunter said and looked at Leo. Leo looked back at him and smiled with a little sad smile. 
"I know but I like her. And I think that she'll change the longer that we're together," Leo said quietly. He was trying to convince himself that she will. 
"I hate to say it but she won't. You two have been together for what? Six months now and she still treats you like this? You deserve so much better," Hunter said and Leo's phone started to ring again. Guess who. Hunter made his mind up as to what he's going to do to try and start the breakup. Hunter isn't one of those people who will purposely cause a breakup or drama but this needs to happen. That and now he wants to show Leo that he's better. Hunter is a competitive person and no one could possibly treat Leo any better than Hunter. Hunter knows everything there is to know about Leo and wants to make him happy. 
"I guess," Leo sighed and answered the phone as Hunter slid to the floor off the couch. 
"Hey, swee-" Leo started. 
"GET HOME NOW. IT DOESN'T TAKE TWENTY MINUTES TO GET HOME FROM HUNTER'S. Unless you're with another girl? ARE YOU WITH OTHER GIRLS?" She yelled on the other end of the phone. Hunter knelt on the floor in front of Leo and watched as Leo's face went red in the glow of the tv. 
"T-the only girl that's here is Hunter's sister and she's upstairs. I would never hang out with girls other than you or without you," Leo got out, struggling to keep his composure as Hunter slid his hands up the insides of Leo's thighs. 

what are you doing? Leo mouthed at Hunter. Hunter just smiled and kissed the inside of Leo's thigh. 

"That's good. Although I'm kind of worried about Gabby. She is always making googly eyes at you and it makes me uncomfortable," Rachel said. 
"I assure you she's not. I've known her since I was four. She's like a sister," Leo said as Hunter's fingers found their way to the waist of his pants. 
"I think that she's trying to take you from me," She said and Hunter spread Leo's legs so then he could fit between them then went for Leo's strings. Leo is wearing sweatpants. Hunter wrote an X and a checkmark on Leo's side with a question mark after and Leo replied with a quick checkmark.
"She's not. I promise that she's not," Leo replied as Hunter slowly undid the strings of his pants. 
"I still don't want you to hang out with her though," 
"I don't hang out with her one on one on purpose so it's okay," Leo said and looked away from Hunter as he felt his pants sliding down. 
"Mm," She replied in a tone that hinted that she didn't believe him, "Anyway, are you going home yet?" 
"Uh, n-no," Leo stuttered as Hunter ran his fingertips up Leo's dick. 
"WHY NOT?! YOU SAID THAT WE COULD WATCH A MOVIE TONIGHT AND THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THAT YOU'VE CANCELLED ON ME," She yelled into the phone and Hunter watched as Leo's face dropped a little bit. Leo doesn't like conflict and yelling or loud noises. Rachel knows this and uses it against him all the time. 
"WHEN YOU SAY THAT YOU'LL DO SOMETHING, FUCKING DO IT!" She continued without giving Leo a chance to respond. Hunter took an opportunity in Leo's silence to yank Leo's underwear down, slide his hands under Leo's ass and lean forward, drawing Leo's attention back to him. Leo's heart thumped so hard in his chest, he was sure that Hunter could hear it. His face burned and his dick ached with anticipation, effectively taking away the minor upset caused by the yelling. 
"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" Rachel yelled. Leo only caught half of it and his reply to her was delayed as he watched Hunter got closer to him. It felt like it went in slow motion. 
"Y-yeah. I am," Leo finally forced out just as Hunter's lips connected with his dick in a kiss. 
"God. I don't even know why I put up with you. You always get distracted by video games and you don't let me play with you anymore," She said as Hunter kissed his way up Leo's dick before moving to suck a hickey into Leo's skin beside the base of his dick. 
"Last time you played with me you threw my controller at my TV and broke both of them," Leo replied then bit his lip, trying to stop any noises that might come out. Hunter looked up and smiled to himself at how hard Leo was trying to hold himself together. Hunter took his hands out from under Leo and slid them to the inside of Leo's thighs, causing the boy to shiver. 
"Oh my god. When are you going to let that go? I helped you move the new TV into your room and was with you when you bought both of them. That was what? Last month? Why do you always have to bring up the past when I ask you for things?" Rachel asked as Leo shivered as a response to Hunter licking the tip of his dick. 
"Because I'm still upset about that. It's not cheap to replace it and you didn't help me," Leo replied calmly and ran his fingertips through Hunter's hair. It sounded like Rachel started to cry. 
"I'm sorry okay? I'm the worst I know. But I was with you when you bought new ones and I'm sorry," She cried and Hunter rolled his eyes and leaned away from Leo. He ran his fingertips to Leo's lower abdomen. 
"You're not the worst, baby," Leo said and she sniffled as Hunter started to write on Leo's stomach. 

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