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Jimin's POV:

*skips to the last day jimin is in korea*

Today is my last day with Naomi, Krisha and the boys.

I surely will miss them.

One month surely went fast.

Yesterday I spend my day with the boys and Krisha, so today I will be spending it with Naomi.

Naomi has been a great supportive girlfriend over my sickness.

She wanted the best for me, I'm happy.

I went over to Naomi's house and picked her up.

Today, I was going to bring her to Namsan Tower.

"Where are we going today babe?" Naomi asked me.

"Namsam Tower" I smiled.

The look on her face was priceless.

"Why?! You don't want to go?" I faked being hurt.

"I DO! I was just surprised since it'll be the first time going there" she smiled excitedly.

Aw, cute.

"I'm glad I'm the first person to take you" I said and kissed her on the nose.

We arrived in the car park and we were about to ride the cable cars.

Naomi tugged on my arm really hard.

"What's wrong jagiya?" I asked.

"I'm scared of heights babe.." she said cutely.

I smiled.

"I'm here with you."

We finally got on the cable car.

"Wow! It's beautiful babe!!" She gasped.

"Just like you" I smiled.

She kissed me. "I'll surely miss everything about you".

"I will surely miss your kisses, hugs and everything else" I said kissing her back.

We walked around Namsan until she suggested to do the love locks.

We got couple locks.

I started writing.

"Naomi + Jimin. 사랑해. We will always stay together. I'll always wait for her"

She started writing on her lock.

'"Jimin + Naomi. 사랑해.  We will always stay together. Always have open arms for you to come back."

I stared at her lock. It was a lot longer than mine. She locked hers with mine and we locked it around the gate.

I took her home.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the airport then?" I said.

"Yeah. Thank you for a great day." Naomi said and gave me a kiss.

She walked out the car.

"It's okay. I love you!" I shouted out the car window.

"I love you too!" Naomi shouted back and blew me a kiss.

Naomi's POV:

I went inside my house and closed the door.

After he left, I fell on the floor and cried.

I don't think I could handle seeing him leave tomorrow.

Four years without him is like four years without love.

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