Chapter 135: Ambrose is in

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Dean sighed in relief, "That wasn't a good idea, to go chasing Seth."

I shrugged, "I'm known to make stupid decisions."

Dean chuckled as Roman walked over to join us.

"Do you want to know what happened to Nikki?" Roman asked me.

I tensed, "Um,... not really."

"She got beat after you left," Roman said.

"Did they attack her after the match?" I asked.

Roman shook his head.

I found relief in his words, "Ok. Thank goodness."

Dean put an arm around my shoulders, "Lets get away from here, shall me?"


Seth was in Triple H's office.

"Listen, Seth, theirs better ways to do this..."

"No," Seth said, "Theirs no other way. You heard what he said. I don't want to be close to the contract and have him screw me. You got to put Dean Ambrose in this ladder match."

Triple H nodded, "You want him where you can see him."

"I know it sounds crazy," Seth took a angry breath, "Dean Ambrose is already ruining my plan right now to get Gabby, I am not going to let him ruin this for me. I need him where I can see him."

"You're sure about this?" Triple H asked.

"Yes," Seth said, then added, "Plus I want to see the look on Dean Ambrose's face when I get that contract."

"Fine," Triple H said, "You got it. Dean Ambrose is in the match."

Seth nodded, "Thank you. I've got this."

Triple H patted his back, "I hope it doesn't blow up in your face."

"Hunter," Seth said when the game was about to walk away, "One more thing."

Triple H turned to him, "Yes?"

"I need Dean Ambrose absent at Smackdown this Friday."

"Listen, Seth," Triple H said, "I can't control whether Dean Ambrose comes or not."

"Of course you can," Seth said, "Have guards at every door, make sure he can't get near the ring."

"And why do you want that?" Triple H asked, confused.

Seth smirked, "Lets just say I've got a little surprise for my sister," Seth said, "I can't have Dean Ambrose interfering."

Triple H nodded with a smile, "Alright, Seth. You've got it."


Tom Phillips was walking behind Dean.

"Dean! Dean!"

Dean Ambrose turned around.

"The need just came from Triple H, Seth Rollins vouched for you to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. You're in that match now......"Tom told him.

Dean laughed, "I knew it. I knew he would."

"He didnt really have a choice, because I was going to show up at Boston anyways," he leaned against the door frame, "I kind of already made that clear. I would climb up that ladder after I plummeted Seth half to death, and I would go sell that briefcase as pawn shop if they didn't go ahead and put me in that match. So that's what is best for business, smart idea by Triple H."

Dean continued, "Do you want to know what wasn't a smart idea by Triple H? Getting on my bad side and making an enemy for life of Dean Ambrose."

Dean shrugged, "I never really liked Triple H. I mean I respected him as a competitor and everything but I never really liked him. I mean he was in Evolution, I was in the Shield and now he has an enemy for life."

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