Faster Than Light

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Everything was over. Faster than Light. But you know what else was moving faster than light? Duran's career. They had got their first gig with Simon on lead on 16th July at the Rum Runner and in six weeks, they would move onto playing all around Birmingham and London. Then going on a National tour supporting Hazel O'Connor.

While all this was happening. Me and John's little cafe meet-ups kept going on. In fact we started to meet up there even more than we already did in the first place. Nick was aware of my crush on John and often gave me tips. I kinda wished that he hadn't had a girlfriend but what could I do? My feelings were getting stronger and stronger and it drove me CRAZY.

I couldn't go on tour with them which was a bummer. But to be honest, I had been so focused on John and the band that I forgot that I actually had my own life . I had some freelance gigs on the side but I needed a proper job. I loved music and to sing so I thought that maybe I should try and make it in the music industry. It was harder than I thought.

Until one night, a letter came through the door. It was from John.

This is what it's said.

"Hey Fi. How are you holding up? I'm just writing to you to say that one of our backing singers has completely bust her vocal chords. I know that you are an amazing singer so I talked with the boys and we would be happy for you to join us on tour to replace her.

I hope you consider because I'm sure you will love tour life.

Best wishes,

JT x"

I didn't even think about it. I quickly wrote back:

"Hi John. I would absolutely LOVE to. Count me fucking IN!



I was so excited and couldn't wait for what was ahead of me.

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