Your Hair...

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Sorry for the long wait. Also I still need a character so please help! -Lizzie

Rebecca started to ramble on and on about something called a fandom and why she wanted to destroy ducks. However, she was unable to finish her rant because of Patrick's hand. Rebecca frowned behind his hand and listened to what he was saying. "-e often does this when she makes a reference of sorts. Anyway, what's for dinner?"

The girls soon found themselves in a room with Hermione and Ginny. It was extremely awkward to say the least. Alas, Roxanne decided to brake the silence, "Well, were do we sleep?" Yep, still awkward...

Victoire was the first to wake up the next morning; she had always been an early riser. When she noticed that everyone was still in bed she smirked. It was time for her revenge on James, Fred, Louis, Patrick, and Rivin. Although she was still going to make everyone else normal breakfast.

As Rebecca walked down the stairs she smelt crisp bacon and warm hashbrowns. Her mouth watered at the mere thought of Victoire's cooking. "Food!" She moaned as she walked into the kitchen.

She suddenly stopped short; what were five baboons doing at the table. Rebecca decided not to dwell on this and sat herself in between Harry and a baboon. "Hiya Uncle Harry! Mind telling me why there are baboons at the table? If any animal should be aloud at the table it should be a penguin, my friend likes them." Harry laughed at his niece and said, "take three guesses on who made breakfast and the five missing boys."

As soon as he said this Rebecca doubled over laughing. "Merlin! Boys what the bloody hell did you do to Vic!" Of course they couldn't answer her. That was when Lily walked into the room. "GAH! Becca your hair!" Was that why Harry had laughed at her? Rebecca became alarmed and rushed to a mirror. She sighed in relief. "Thanks Lil' my hair is finally back to its natural color." Rebecca announced as she looked at her now red hair. "Natural?" Fred1 asked in confusion. "Rivin decided, last month, that dying my hair while I slept was a good idea." "He didn't expect her to get revenge either. Oh, I still remember his shocked face when you put a bowtruckle in his underwear drawer," Dominique laughed. The baboon nearest to Rebecca howled, they assumed it was Rivin, and growled at Rebecca. "Rivin I thought you learnt you lesson about insulting me at the dinner table," Rebecca sighed, feigning disappointment. The baboon made a noise, that everyone hoped was laughter. It was going to be an interesting day.

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