tiktok room

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yeah we make the biggest fiction, they believe it so i guess it must be real

as i woke up, i opened my eyes to see a sleeping vinnie next to me. he was laying on his side with his body facing me and he looked so peaceful while he slept. i smiled and felt my phone vibrate. i picked it up and went to instagram.

we were on tiktok room.

apparently in the tiktok that vinnie posted last night, everyone recognized the headboard to be mine. so all the fans were going crazy now because he slept over. i groaned and just laid there since i couldnt really move since my knee was still hurting and if i wanted to get up, i would have to crawl over vinnie.

i waited for him to wake up which literally took forever. after a while, he finally woke up and stretched on the bed.

"hey, how you feeling?" he said in a groggy morning voice.
"better i guess"

he chuckled and sat up.

"were on tiktok room" i said while laughing.
"what now?"
"they all noticed that you were in my room from your tiktok last night"
"i was laying down"
"the headboard"
"fans are crazy" he said while groaning.
"atleast we made it to tiktok room"

he laughed and we continued talking until anthony finally had to go. him and vinnie left while i wobbled downstairs.

i went to go get a drink and maybe food. i posted this picture.

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milo.roseee: you cant see it but i sprained my knee :)

avani: and i had to take you to the ER cause your stubborn
^milo.roseee: i love you 🤠

fan: is that why vinnie was at your house?
^milo.roseee: who says vinnie was at my house?

luvanthony: wobbling up the stairs
^milo.roseee: dont make fun of me

fan: your so prettyy

fan: that filter 😭

ameliezilber: we love a thick knee brace
^milo.roseee: thick asl for what?

vhackerr: "its nothing" i smell cap
^milo.roseee: i will drive to your house rn
^vhackerr: bet

i started my car and kept my word. i drove over to vinnie's house who he shared with a ton of ex sway members as in quinton, josh, jaden, anthony and a ton of tiktok boys. he was already waiting outside as i pulled up. i rolled my eyes but had to smile.

"weirdo" i said.
"thats all you. what are you planning on doing now?"
"i dont know i just came to pick you up"
"because you love my amazing, fun and let me mention, amazing company"
"get out of my car"

we both laughed and just drove around while blasting music. soon i took him home and went back to my house and just laid in my room.

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