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It was a rainy day. You were stuck inside with nothing to do because of the recent power outage, so you sat on your couch with a book and a few candles surrounding you, doing whatever you could to make the best of this dark, gloomy day.

You started getting really interested in the book, you weren't a big reader but you enjoyed it because you really knew how to get into a story, so much that you didn't hear the door open.

As your eyes read line to line, getting a bit upset with the characters one of your candles burnt out, then another, and another until you finally lost all your light for reading, sighing heavily you got up bumping into a tall wet object, you stumbled back on the couch breathing quickly, wait to see what it or who it really was.

"Are you that stupid to think your candles would just burn out one by one?" Laughed a familiar voice, rolling you eyes you sat up

"John, two questions, how the hell did you get in and why would you blow out my only source of light" you questioned

"One, you leave your spare key in the mail box, two there's no need for light plus it was a good shot to scare you" John chuckled

You could only slightly see the outline of his body, crossing your arms and leaning back in the couch as he sat next to you

"Come 'ere!" He exclaimed pulling you into a hug, instantly you were covered in the wetness from John's coat, you squirmed but his grip was to tight

"Embrace it" he said sighing happily

"Let me go, I've already had a bath today" you wriggled laughing a bit

"Poor baby" John said sarcastically

"Stop struggling" John smiled as he held tighter

"Let me go then" you tried to compromise

"No" John said plainly, when you were about to give up John soon pulled up up to his face kissing you with force, instantly you resisted but felt relaxed after a few minutes, after all, it was just John

"Cheeky" you whispered as he broke the kiss, smiling he kissed your head and you nuzzled into his neck, it was better then being alone.

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