Part 1 : Blind Girl

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Y/ns Pov : Yes, of course people said you can fall in love easily, but sadly that wasn't gonna happen to me. I was blind, I have been in the same high school for two years now, so it I knew where to go. Kids would bully me, the popular football boys and the sluty cheerleading squad. They would always call me horrible names, and trip me over, they would shove me, kick me and steal stuff from my bag, I couldn't take it, I would always cut, and bruise myself, I never told my mom though, I knew she would get worried, my mother and I aren't even that close, since are Dad left us, it's been a hard time with finding a home, my mom works most of the day. I had one friend name ashley, she was rich, but her parents raised her polite and caring. She didn't care if I was blind or not, and I am grateful for her.

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