Le Bon. Simon Le Bon.

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"Hi! Si, are you back?" I shouted across the hallway of our house, throwing the keys down onto the side.
"Yes I am Fi!" Simon shouted back. I walked into the living room to see him scribbling down poems into his book. A poet my dear Simon was. "You have new poem ideas?" I asked.
"Yes, so many I can't keep up!" He exclaimed.
"Oh yes. I met someone today. John his name is. He is in a band and they are looking for a new lead singer!" I explained.
"Ah that sounds cool! They a serious band?" He asked.
"Yes, very. There's three of them at the moment." I said.
"Ah ok! Do you have a number I could use to contact him?" He asked.
"Yes I do! Here you go!" I handed him the piece of paper in which John had written his number on. Simon dialled the number. "Hello. I presume you met Fiona today! I'm Simon. Her boyfriend. She said your band is looking for a lead singer!" They chatted for a good few minutes until Simon put down the phone.
"So...what did he say?" I asked intrigued.
"He said to go to the Rum Runner on Monday at 6PM to audition." Simon said this whilst pulling me onto the sofa to cuddle.
"Ah I worked there didn't I? That's how I met you." I said reminiscingly. "But yes. That's great! I know you'll do great!" I said whilst resting on his chest.
"I'm quite excited now!" Simon said.
"Well I'm glad you're happy Simon. I love you." I said.

Monday 6PM:

"Hello John, Nick...?" I said confused. I didn't know who the other one was.
"Roger that is!" John exclaimed.
"Ah yes. Sorry. Hello Roger!" I said.
Roger smiled. He seemed shy.
"So Simon, you ready?" Nick asked.
"Yes, this is rather exciting!" Simon explained.
"Ok. What is your last name?" John asked.
"Le Bon, Simon Le Bon!" He answered.
"Is that your real name!?" John giggled.
"Yes! It is. French descent." He explained.
"Ah ok. Cool!" John said.
"I see you have a book full of lyrics I presume?" Nick asked.
"Well they are more sort of poems, but they have song potential."
"May we have a look?" John asked.
"Yes, go ahead." Simon said. He handed them the book. They had a good look through.
"Wow. Simon, you really are a poet aren't you!" Nick exclaimed. "Would you like to sing something now?"

He started to sing 'Fame' by Bowie. I looked across to see Nick, John and Roger whispering. It was looking good!

"Thank you Simon. We'll keep in touch!" John chirped tunefully.
"Great outfit by the way!" Nick exclaimed as he stared at Simon's pink leopard print trousers.
"Thank you. See you around." Simon said.
"Bye" I mimed to them- mostly John.

That day was an eventful day and I really didn't know how much it would impact on me and Simon's lives forever.

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