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You need a book. Not just any book, a good book. One that will catch your attention. One that's actually worth it. You want something interesting, well written, and your library is probably finished, or you're tired of waiting for something to update.

Why should you trust that these books are good?

There are certain criteria all books mentioned must meet:

1. Good grammar. Not PERFECT, but good enough to read. Stuff that at least makes sense when read aloud. Nothing like this: K, sos i wetn to teh store, yah?

2. Spell checked before updated. Stories need to at least spell check works. You can have mistakes, but not enough that it's distracting.

3. Must try to be a book. Meaning, it's not just written to get votes or reads. These books are written for the writer as much as they are for the reader. :)

That's why these books are good.

Can your book be up here?

Yes! Send me a message and I'll see what I can do. I must note that I can't possibly read every story sent to me, so it's nothing personal if you aren't added.

What are you waiting for? Find a book! Go, now!

Warning: I am not responsible for any obsessions you gain over these stories. :p


(P.S. Feel free to check out mine as Nah, these are much better.)

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