Chapter 1

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     IT WAS CLOSE TO THREE in the afternoon when he broke into her apartment. It wasn’t his preferred method but experience had taught him a long time ago that this approach was the route to take if he wanted a chance to talk with any potential patients. He needed to get a few words in to make sure the subject understood what was going on before they made any attempts to contact the authorities. He entered the premises though the window in the bathroom as the subject left it open every Wednesday afternoon after she had showered. She left it open just a crack because the vent in the bathroom was broken. Despite numerous attempts to fix it herself, she had to open the window to make sure the steam from her long, hot showers didn’t damage the wallpaper or paint she put in there. It was only cracked open for ventilation but he managed to slowly wiggle it open a little more to squeeze into the residence. Once he was inside the bathroom, he scoured the room for any possible weapons the subject might try to use when taking a pee break. He wasn’t leaving anything to chance as he then closed the window and locked it behind him to make sure there was one less way to get out. Once in the main section of the house, he began to scout around and look for weapons. Guns, knives and anything else like rackets or baseball bats were all collected to make sure the subject has little to work with should rebellion be attempted. He also looked for security devices, pets, anything that would give away his position.

     Once the residence was secure, he began to proof the house so when the subject returned, they would have all the privacy in the world to talk about the current situation and have a genuine heart to heart. He had cut the main phone line before coming through the bathroom window and once inside he made sure there was no other means of communicating by installing a cell scrambler In the middle of the residence by hiding it underneath the coffee table in the living room. Once inside, there would be no means of calling for help and for the period of initial contact, it was his preference. He needed the subject’s absolute attention for the first day or two as the goal was to have enough privacy to talk. Sometimes it took a while for the subject to agree to hear him out but he had supplies and was set up to be there for the long haul if necessary.

     The hardest part about setting up the house was the kitchen and the necessity to resist any urges to raid the fridge for something to eat or drink. In order to avoid being detected too early, disturbing too much could result in the subject finding out you were there before getting close enough to grab them. It was a mistake he had made before, eating leftovers that the subject was planning to eat the next day for lunch and noticing they were gone gave away his position. So in order to prevent that epic mistake from being made attain, he packed his own food and drinks to consume while waiting for the subject to arrive. Once the subject was in custody, then the fridge was fair game. Until then, he couldn’t even take a class of juice or milk. Even the slightest disturbance in anything could result in early detection so he left as much of the house alone as he could. He also moved quickly because there was no telling how early or how late the subject could return. He had been watching her for weeks, but that still didn’t mean things were going to run as perfectly as he hoped. The key was to finish his work as soon as possible and then wait rather than get caught with his pants down and ruin everything.

      Usually on Wednesdays she would be gone for hours, but this time she came home early. Two and half hours after leaving, the lock started to rattle and he scrambled to take his position and hide. She came stumbling through the door and casually tossed her keys onto the kitchen counter with little care or regard. He could tell as she cruised into the living room that she had been drinking again. Considering her condition the how new it was to her, he could hardly blame her for taking to the bottle to drown her sorrows. Given the news she’s had to deal with, anyone in her shoes would do a little drinking to ease the nerves. He really couldn’t blame her given the situation, but he wasn’t there to judge her. He wanted to speak with her whether she wanted to or not and it was show time.

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