#42 He is a rich arrogant guy

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I tiptoed through the staff way and reached the pool.

There was no one there, and I glanced around. My heeled shoes echoed in the silent room and I took my phone out to call Jyothi.

I was searching through the contacts as I felt the presence of someone. I looked up and froze.

In front of me, in all the glory, was the guy I was looking for. His upper body was naked and glistened with water and his lower body covered with the towel.

I know I should turn around, but his eyes were fixed on me and the intensity of it transfixed me on the spot, making me unable to move.

My heart started to pound and goosebumps erupted all over my body as I stared back.

My eyes dropped slightly, and I saw the red colour mark across his chest and biceps as if someone has whipped him with a chain.

I turned back to his eyes. He was looking at me in shock. Apparently, he couldn't believe that someone was there.

"Um..." I cleared my throat. "I am... sorry to interrupt you like this but-" I stopped as the guy moved towards me.

I took a deep breath and started again. "I am Cinderella Adams, the MD of-" the rest of my words were cut short as his lips claimed mine, causing me to jerk in shock.

Before I could even push him off, I became aware of his strong muscular hands wrapping around me.

The electric wave that I felt at the contact was shocking, and I froze in my spot. He wrapped me against his half-naked body and forced me to open my lips for him.

The front of my dress was somewhat wet from being hugged to him, and I tasted the wine as he tilted my head up to deepen the kiss. I closed my eyes in a daze and felt his warm, firm lips moving against mine.

My phone and the file slipped out of my grip and fell down with a loud thud. I opened my eyes in shock.

As soon as I was back in my senses, I tried to push back from his embrace. I put my hand against his chest and nudged him back slightly. He refused to budge, and I shoved him back again, causing him to step back this time.

Our eyes met. It startled me to see the raw emotions inside his eyes.

"I love you, Princess..." he whispered. His eyes were filled as he gazed at me, and that was everything that needed to crash me back to the present.

"You...you are drunk!" I exclaimed. I realised that it was not the best time to visit him.

His eyes widened slowly. "You...are... really...here..." he looked startled suddenly. "You... are... real, not my... imagina-"

"Let go of me first!" I panicked, but he was still clutching me tightly, looking in between my eyes, like someone who was just woken up.

So I did the only thing I could, I pushed him away from me and took a step backwards.


"Don't touch me!"

I am shaken up. My lips were still tingling from the kiss and my body was reacting strangely, causing me to freak out.

I shook away his hand that tried to grab me and took another step back.

"Watch your-"

Obviously, his warning was too late as I lost my footing and found myself flying through the air.


The water pricked my body before I was completely immersed in it.

I am not much of a swimmer, but I am not pathetic either. But as it startled me, I could only struggle in the water as I tried to take deep breaths.

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