(Smairuhh) The Opening Ceremonies

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It takes forever for Smairuhh to get inside the Arena Mall. The crowds are bananas but everyone is already streaming the show on their screens. It's happening in every direction all around her so she's not missing anything except for being inside, except for being a part of the actual thing.

Qynkazel: Duopoly, like most events at the Arena Mall, is hosted by bingey_effervezent. He looks amazing as always, going through his opening speech to pump the growing crowd up. His long, shiny hair is some-up/some-down, his skin dewy and supple yet smooth and featureless. He's got some rather fetching hearts sculpted into his architecturally designed beard and his bio-reactive Morphalyne gown is beyond drip.

"FRIENDS, I'm so excited to be here today at the Wood2 Arena Mall!" [waves of intense screaming] "We've got such a special event for you today - the Sacred Merger of Qynkacyde Qrrashiclan and Azelbeth Superfine!!!" [waves of intense screaming] "Yes y'all, it's happening, the love story to end all love stories, the-" blah whatever etc.

She's finally actually inside the Mall and the first floor is jammed. Vibafloxyn was right, this is pathetic. It is annoying that she didn't get an actual invite to the wedding, and she is slightly offended about it. She should not be down here with everyone. It's weird that she's down here. It is weird that she is being actively excluded from meaningful participation in this wedding, given all her involvement up to now.

She squeezes through the crowd, the crowds of randos crushing her amazing new Lokadia. She can barely see the edge of the stage over people's heads. This is the official worst. She moves back, away from the edge, back to where the stores are, hoping maybe there's more breathing room and a better angle back there. She emerges from the crowd and finds herself in front of the very same SoulFeed she used to manage.

Her old coworkers, TheTotallyNewAnna and ThatSlutJeremmie, are standing in the doorway. They were trying to catch a view of the stage same as everyone else, now they're just staring at her. Onstage, the music battle has just started. VJ sluffyskin and VJ venomosity_hope are competing to create the most euphonious transitions between songs. The winner will determine who has the right to provide the background soundtrack to the wedding ceremony. They have to jump from button to button in order to mix the tracks together at the right time, while a series of cannons shoot rubberized brand names at their bodies and heads to try to distract them or throw them off balance.

ThatSlutJeremmie: omg SHUT UP is that Smairuhh

TheTotallyNewAnna: OMG I honestly LOVE HER I am OBSESSED with her

Smairuhh: Heyyy you guys, what's up.

TheTotallyNewAnna: Honestly what are doing down here I can't even believe it it's like so weird.

ThatSlutJeremmie: Yeah did something happen how come you're not up with the wedding party since you are fancy.

Smairuhh: Oh totally, yes, I'm completely on my way, I just wanted to say hi? I couldn't be here and not check in on you guys? Like???

She can barely believe how fake the words feel in her mouth, even as she can't stop herself from saying them.

ThatSlutJeremmie: Oh my tits you are honestly the REALEST I stg is she not the realest

TheTotallyNewAnna: She's so fucking real I can't believe we know her?? Like???

Keep moving, Smairuhh's screen tells her. The sooner you leave your fears the sooner you greet your goals

Smairuhh peels off after a few quick selfies and air kisses. She finds the stairs to the 2nd floor and gets in line to be scanned. She has no business being on the 2nd floor but maybe there's a big enough crowd, maybe she can push through and just blend in? As she gets closer to the top her heart sinks, the bouncers are turning people away like crazy. Everyone has the same idea she does. But there's too many people behind her, she can't turn around. This is going to be mortifying. She's about to be embarrassed in front of the entire city. Everyone will know she doesn't belong here.

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