Alyxa and I were waiting for the plane in Pasco Washington, not very exciting. We will fly from Pasco to Seattle, with a 4 hour delay in Seattle, then to Santa Barbra California. This is the city of our new school. It was expensive so we got scholarships to it, even though it is a high school. Alyxa got one in math and softball, and I got one in equestrianism and science. Our best friend Arein goes to this school.

Arein used to go to regular school with us in Richland, then her parents got rich and moved down there and put her in boarding school to make her a little lady, she already was one. so i dont really see the point.

"where's the plane?" Alyxa moaned in my ear. Making me jump out of my seat, making her fall out of her seat laughing.

"Hilarious. It will get here when it gets here." it was already here, but I wasn't going to tell her that.

"Fine, be a big baby and pout and not tell me the true answer." she turned away, but not before I saw her chocolate eyes laughing at me.

I stuck my tongue out at her and looked out the window watching our plane get ready.

It only took 20 more minutes for the plane to get ready, which was pretty good for an airport. I have had very bad experiences at airports. We got in line and took our seats in the back of plane, but not as unaccompanied minors, we were 15. This was Alyxa's first time flying, I have been flying since 3 and first time alone was 8, last time I used the minor thing was 10.

"will it crash? What happens if it does? Are these things safe?" her questions were endless.

"no Alyxa, they are going to put us in something that isn't safe and will crash at any seconds with out telling us how to save ourselves." I rolled my eyes at her, letting her see my sarcasm cuz she would probably believe me if she didn't.

She harrumphed and watched as the flight attendant explain what to do incase of a crash. I flipped through the emergency packet, I have seen it all before but I like looking at the pictures.

The engine whirred to life and I smiled to myself for no real reason. I just really like to ride airplanes. It makes me feel powerful when looking out the window and putting shapes in the clouds. Yes, I am 17, and no I don't have some sort of disorder. It would be awesome if I did, I love hanging with those people, they are so kind hearted and funny.

Alyxa started to snuggle down for a nap but I shrugged her awake, "Don't sleep yet, if you fall asleep before the plane takes off then you wont be able to sleep for the rest of the way."

"Ok. Do you think Arien has changed at all?" she glanced down the isle way looking at the people looking at us.

"Physically or as in personality?"


"um, no. she is perfect the way she is so no one would try to change her. And she might of gotten tanner, probably not. Her hair is defiantly blonder." she has a deep red hair with little strands of blonde in it that I always tease her about. "Don't think I will call her Blondie though."

"Why? You always do."

"I don't know, just doesn't feel right when she is actually blonde." I shrugged.

"Oh yea, that makes sense. Call the red head blonde but don't call her blonde when she is." she rolled her eyes at me. "Do you think she will be happy to see us?"

"No, she just invited her school to take us so she could yell at us." I didn't roll my eyes, just gave her a very serious look. She glared at me in return then fell asleep because we were in the air now.

I sat and looked out my window at the sun setting and the clouds turning a brilliant blue and pink. I smiled again, but because of the beauty of it, not my all powerfulness.

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