Prologue - Welcome Back

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I assume you people know the names of the operators by now

3rd Person Pov

In the inhabitable north where only artic animals exist, 2 people are seen hiding in a great distance between a enraged wolf infected with Oripathy. The wolf was eating its prey and seems to be still in a rage mode

One of the people was male with a rifle that looks a tranquilizer, while the person besides him was a female, holding a range finder, finding just how far the hungry predator is

Magallan: Range is 25 meters, can you take the shot?

Y/N: You didnt have to ask

As he squeeze down the trigger, a dart shoots out of the barrel, travelling at great speeds and moments after, the beast was hit in the body, rampaging at first but its movements begin to get sloppier and sloppier and dropped unconscious


Y/N Pov, Rhine Lab research ship

As we had set our course back to Columbia (America in the Arknights universe) and i was having lunch with my pet eagle on the table with Magallan on the table talking to Silence

Silence: On Radio How is Y/N doing by the way. Has he took his daily medication?

Magallan: Yes, he did. We're now on course back to Columbia and be home by a few days

Silence: Thats good to hear. Also, there's a slight change in your arrival. You see, things havent been good here

Y/N: Yeah, we've heard about the Chernobog incident. So things may be rough when we get there

Silence: Yes, that is true but we have someone to fetch you there. A group called Penguin Logistics will fetch the both of you can bring to Rhodes Island, i'll be waiting for the both of you at Rhodes Island. Good luck

Soon, Silence's cut off the radio on her side while the radio started playing static. Magallan layed her head on the table, exhausted from moving the equipment to the ship while i continue to eat my lunch as we continue to drift on the sea

A few days later

Me and Magallan were on the deck of the research ship and i was using my sharp eagle eyes to look at the docks. I couldnt help but look at the horrifying damage done to the city by a the Reunion movement

I had my tranquilizer rifle loaded with a poison dart and a live rifle if things went south

At the pier, 2 women were seen and they look like they were waiting for us

Magallan: Its them, both of them had the exact features Silence gave us

Y/N: Okay

I put away my Tranquilizer and put it back inside the case. Me and Magallan got our stuff as we prepare to disembark the ship

Y/N: You must be Exusiai and Texas

Exusiai: Yup! Pleasure to meet ya! Oohh, pretty eagle

Exusiai: Yup! Pleasure to meet ya! Oohh, pretty eagle

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