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Hannah's pov

"Well now we are alone we could watch movies and cuddle" A voice said from behind me as two strong arms wrapped around my waist. Louis

"Yeah" I said " Just like old times except this time it's.......diffrent"

"Yup" Louis said poping the p

"So ya wanna choose the movie while i get us some popcorn" I asked

"Sure" He said as I felt his arms leave my waist and i suddenly felt cold

I quickly made the popcorn and didnt burn it (that's a suprise). I made my way into the living room to see Louis laying on his side on the couch. Let's be honest he looked really hot.

"Ya going to come lie down or ya just going to stand there and stare all night" Louis asked smirking

I hurried over to the couch and lied down next to Louis and his arm went around my waist. I looked at the screen to see we would be watching the titanic. Really wow.

Summer's pov

Niall and I decided to go to my house and he would be staying the night there. So before bed Niall suggested that we watch a movie so I put in Grease since Hannah said that was his favorite movie.

"Aww babe we dont have to watch this" Niall said. I must have said that out loud

"Yes we do it's already in and now it's started" I said hitting play.

"Your mean" Niall said fake pouting

"Why thank you" I said "Now come on. Let's cuddle"

During the movie while I was cuddling in his chest he stopped the movie.

"What was that for" I asked "This is your favorite movie"

"Yeah but I was thinking maybe we could i dont know how to ask this" Niall said turning red.

"Just say it" I said

"I would rather kiss you then watch the movie but if you want to watch the movie then thats ok" Niall said reaching for the remote

"NO" I said a little too quickly "I would love to kiss you I guess ya know what this is akaward"  I was quickly cut off by Niall leanimg forward slowly then planting his soft lips on mine. I have got to say it was the best kiss ever. Fireworks were going off. It was better then my ex-boyfriend Brayden's kisses.

Niall pulled apart and i cuddled back into his chest to finish the movie while he snuck in little kisses here and there. In other words niether of us was paying much attention to the movie.

Harry's pov

Since Summer and Niall went to her house Me,Bekah,and the boys decided to go to mine and Louis' house and play truth or dare. Then i dared everyone to walk into Hannah's house and see what her and Louis was up too. Which brings us to now. If you guessed that we were standing outside her house waiting for Zayn to unlock the door you are correct!

"Zayn would ya hurry i could've already had that door opened and us in there by now" Bekah said

"Got it" Zayn said ignoring Bekah's comment

"Finally" I mumbled

We walked into the living room only to find Hannah and Louis making out. Let this be a lesson to you kids- never break in your friends house while they are with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

"GET IT!" I yelled really loudly causing Hannah to go flying in the floor and Louis to sit straight up.

"What the world man!?" Louis screeched. I couldnt help it I was rolling on the floor laughing while Louis helped Hannah up.

"Get a room" Zayn said

"We had a room till some people wanted to intrupet us" Hannah said motioning to us.

I finally stood up "Yeah well we didnt know you would be doing this or we wouldnt have intrupeted you but dont let us stop you" I said

"Pervert" Hannah said throwing a pillow at me.

"Umff" I said as the pillow fell down on the floor

"What's going on here?" Niall asked from behind me

"What are you doing here i thought you was staying with Summer" Hannah said

"Yeah i am just getting some clothes" Niall responded walking to what i pressume was his room

"EVERYBODY GET DOWN ON THE GROUND AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEADS" A guy screamed walking into the room. I froze. Should i listen or try and do something?

Yeah!!!!!!!! Chapter....... i have no clue. Honestly i have a ton of homework to finish but I DONT CARE!!!! :) I will finish it sometime..........maybe. Anywho  yeah so suprise! No one seen that coming. Who is the mystery guy? Where is Summer? Why did Harry dare the boys to walk in on Hannah and Louis? okay so that question just was random. So yeah Summer and I was on the way to the orthodonist and we started talking about this book. Here is the converstion:
(S-Summer H- Me)

S- So your book is almist to 200 reads
H- (pulls up book and sees it is at 196 reads) really the last time i checked this it was at 153
S- I told you it was almost at 200 reads.

Anywho yeah now it is at 200 reads!!!! Omg anywho so yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN!!!!!! Yup just realized Zayn will never see that. Maybe....... Anywho follow me on twitter @tomogirl4ever.

I think  I'm a drug addict......

I take Tomlinbacco Styleriods Horion Payne killers Malikjauna

Is there like some kind of 1D rehab i can go to cause i think i need to go there.........

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