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Annie looks from side to side, then she grabs my hand, and grins. She leads me through the door quietly then she starts running down the corridors of the hospital, obviously I follow.

Soon we are out and annie released a breath of air. "So-" she turns to me. "Where do you wanna go?" I shrug.
"Wherever you want to go." I reply. She grins, then starts walking away. For a moment I stay put, until she turns and asks, "You coming or what?" I grin and follow.

We walk for quite a while until I break the silence. "So...where are we going?" She turns. "It's a surprise." She gives a mischievous look then turns again.

"What school do you go to?" I ask her.
"My mom pulled me out about 5 months ago. I take online courses now." I nod even though she can't see me, obviously. "Cool." I say as awkwardly as I could've ever said it.

The silence comes back and this time I don't intend on breaking it. Finally we reach a dead end, by a parking lot. I stop. "This it? A parking lot? What are you planning on getting stoned?" I ask.

Annie laughs. "Come here." She grabs my hand and leads me to the gate, then she lets go and hops over, easily, elegantly. "Now you."

I climb over, as you can assume, awkwardly and probably the least unattractive I've ever looked, especially when I fall to my feet. Once I stable myself, I look up, Annie is gone.

Then I realize she's running, not from me, but in freedom. We're in a meadow. It's, beautiful, calm. I hear Annie's laughing in the distance until she drops herself down and lays on the ground. I chase her down and lay down with her. She looks at me and grins.

We lay in quiet for a moment, then she sits up. "So, nameless boy, who are you grieving?" She asks. I then remember that she doesn't know my name. She came in after I said it.
"I'm Finn, and my girlfriend killed herself." I say bluntly. Instead of giving a concerned look, like the others, she simply says, "why, you didn't put out?" And smiles. I laugh too, as touchy a subject as it was.

"So your brother, what happened?" I ask her, sitting up.

She pulls some grass from the ground and looks down, then back up at me saying, "My mom's ex beat him to death. He was 11."
"I'm so sorry." I tell her immediately. She shrugs, "yeah he was a douche. My brother accidentally smashed the beer bottle he was drinking, he was drunk and my brother was alone. The guy's still on the run, dirty bastard." She breathes in and as much as she ignores it I can tell she's hurting, I mean why wouldn't she be?

"What about your girlfriend? What happened there?" She asks me, turning the tables.
"She drowned herself. At first they thought it might've been accidental, but, uh, it wasn't. She drowned herself in the lake where we had our first kiss actually." I tell her, not slowly, like I use to, but all at once, confidently like she said about her brother.

"That sucks ass." She looks me straight in the eyes and says, "you have pretty eyes." She smiles and gets up.

I don't know what to say, so I just ask her about music. "I play the piano, actually. It's my favourite sound, a piano. I love slow music, soft, music that means something. It's funny I like music that is complete opposite to my personality.

"You mean something." I tell her.
She scoffs. "You don't know me."

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